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How to Find a Job While You are Traveling

Do you love to travel? Wonder how you can do this and still earn an income? It is possible to have the best of both worlds in today’s technology and times. If you love to write, for example, it is easy to become a traveling writer. You get to enjoy something you like while exploring places that you have never been before. If writing is not something you like to do, there are other professions to consider.


Are you in the hospitality industry or would you like to be? This is the ideal profession to depend on when you are traveling. If you stay in the city, you could find a job at a casino, hotel, or restaurant as a host or hostess. Not only does it bring an income in, but you also get some perks such as free lunch/dinner, groceries, in some cases and the chance to meet new people.

English Teacher and Nurse

Most foreign countries need English teachers. English is the second language and well in demand in many countries and they are usually hungry to learn. If you have a degree in English, you can count on that to get you a job in a school. Traveling nurses are also in demand. So that is another occupation that will land you a job quicker.

Check the Classified

Get a local newspaper and begin looking for jobs. You could also try searching classified ads on the Internet. Ask around if there is a community newsletter. Look for businesses that need part time help. Be open to accepting a job that you are overly qualified for. This could be a dishwasher, waiter helper, bartender, waitress, and sales person. This doesn’t mean that these jobs are any less than others, but if you have a degree in science and have never done anything like that before, for example, you probably have no clue on how to perform well in these particular jobs. You get the idea!

If you are answering a classified ad, the only phone call you should make is to find out if the position is still available. Once you learn that it is still open, dress for success, with resume in hand and deliver your resume in person. If the manager is not immediately available, you could ask if you can wait. Never leave your resume with the receptionist. It might not reach the manager’s desk.

Claim It

You just may have to walk into a place confidently and ask for the manager. Don’t let rejection stop you from going to the next business owner. Start with smaller companies first. Make a lasting first impression by letting the manager know what makes you unique and how you can be an asset to the company. Be aware that some managers may not hire you initially if they don’t know you. Don’t be discouraged. Show your face as many times as it takes to get noticed. This means you could stop by at least once per week and have a conversation when it is convenient. Show your personality and let your ‘hair down’ until they get to know who you are.

Follow the Lead

Network with people who reside in the area and let them know what you are trying to accomplish. Follow the leads that you get because you don’t know where this will take you, but at least, there is a chance that it could land you a job. Don’t give up if you are not making headway right away. Keep at it until you get someone to say, ‘you are hired.’

You won’t find a specific formula for finding a job during your travels. Sometimes, it will take some creativity on your part and you may have to take an unconventional approach. Either way, anything is possible if you try hard enough.

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