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How to Find a Trustworthy Career Coach

When we talk of a coach, the first thing that comes to mind is the big league games we are used to. From football to baseball, basketball and even athletics, there is always someone behind the scenes ensuring that team players do their very best to win the game. In our case, however, the game simply involves our careers. And just like a normal game, no one would like to be on the losing side. That’s why a trustworthy career coach would be an added advantage since they would help us overcome personal career challenges, such as:

Self-Esteem Issues

Not everyone is proud of their current preoccupation. This is a challenge that many people face today especially when they compare themselves with career super achievers. Or rather, people with an excellent track record and immense success in their careers. Of course, one wonders what they did wrong in their career journey. Others wish that they could hit the reset button and start over. Such thoughts gradually foster low self-esteem and soon enough, work performance dwindles.

Everyday disappointments and short-comings

The workplace can be a roller-coaster of activities. One moment, things are going smoothly and the next thing you know, a project stalls. We’ve also got fellow workmates that make our lives easier and the arch enemies that just won’t give us peace. Such are the real-life situations that expose us to everyday disappointments and short-comings.

Career Stagnation

This happens a lot especially when someone is used to a certain job for quite a while. As long as the salary and perks are good, then they tend to get comfy and settled as years go by. It’s no wonder people have been caught unawares by the recent spate of economic turmoil, exposing them to retrenchments, staff cuts, sudden job loss or even underemployment.

Underexploited Skill and Talent

Many underexploited skills and talent are usually reserved in hobbies. We love indulging in them with zeal and passion, yet we haven’t learnt how to utilize them to our career advantage. This explains why some very talented people are stuck in dead-end jobs simply because they lack a venue to profit from their underexploited skill and talent.

Boring and Monotonous Career

When higher education institutions market courses, they make most careers look like a thrill seeking adventure. But the situation on the ground is way different from that superficial aspect of careers. In fact, many people are simply tasked with doing the same things over and over again, day by day. Maintaining consistency is the challenge considering the boring and monotonous aspect of such a career.

Lack of Necessary Acknowledgement and Appreciation

As kids, we used to be recognized, appreciated and celebrated for our achievements. The workplace, however, is usually composed of many unsung heroes. Maybe an employee that saved the company from bankruptcy or another that exposed a serious corrupt malpractice within company quarters. Such events are usually kept under the radar and the employee isn’t likely to be appreciated or acknowledged for the sake of discretion.

Now that we’ve pointed out key challenges that a career coach should address, the key question remains...

How does one find a Trustworthy Career Coach?

#1 (If Possible) Avoid Big Names and Key Figures

We all know of big names in our careers that are quite famous on a national or even global scale. We see them on TV, interact with them on social media or even attend their seminars and events. If that is the kind of career coach you’re looking for, then I’d hate to disappoint your ambition because that person is already overbooked. Maybe the reason why they are famous is because they are followed by plenty of people like you with similar intentions. Plus, chances are they’ve got a busy schedule that involves juggling between their careers, personal life and motivating their huge crowd of followers. That’s why it would be wise to...

#2 Be Practical and Down to Earth

A career coach doesn’t have to be that perfect, super achiever that is famous and influential. There are people on the ground you habitually interact with that can be of great help. Problem is, we tend to underestimate and undervalue what’s available and within our reach. We would rather seek for answers from Oprah or Dr. Phil instead of visiting a neighbour next door. In any case, even your fellow workmate can be your career coach as long as you learn to...

#3 Reciprocate by Returning the Favour

Career coaches are human as well. You are not seeking for a God to do away with your troubles. Instead, this is someone that has flaws and challenges as well. And in a world where problems are plenty, the last thing you want is to be a leech that simply takes and never gives in return. Know the weaknesses of your career coach as well and help them. If an aspect of your career improves because of their advice, appreciate their efforts in a special way. They will be quite pleased by your outstanding character as many people are rather ungrateful these days.

Even as you seek for a trustworthy career coach, it’s important to have your principles intact. Otherwise, you’ll fall prey to mediocre advice simply because it’s popular and trendy. As Thomas Jefferson once said, "In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock."

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