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JOB SEARCH / OCT. 21, 2014
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How to Find a Weekend Job

A weekend job can be a great way to get a little extra income or to spend time if you like to work. However, there are some important aspects to remember when finding a weekend job, especially if you work full-time during the week.

Consider your hours

If you work 40 hours a week and then decide to pick up another 20 on the weekends, you can burn yourself out very quickly with very little free time; even if the extra money is nice. Consider budgeting the hours you can work before you apply so that you can tell employers what kind of schedule they can expect from you. This way everyone is on the same page when you apply and you can take a firm stance on your hours during your weekend shift.

Consider your current position

If you enjoy your job and would like to handle some of the same responsibilities during the weekend, consider applying to roles that focus on the same areas in a smaller scale. For those interested in marketing, consider a part-time position in retail or event planning. Those interested in communications can consider roles like social media manager or content coordinator for the weekends. Expanding your current interests to weekend positions can help you feel a little less burned out because you enjoy what you’re doing.

Consider working remotely

Working from home on the weekends can be a God-send to those who work full-time during the week. You’re not rushing in to yet another office and you can work from the comfort of your couch or home office. While some may struggle to stay focused, with a little practice and some self discipline, working from home can be extremely lucrative as you save money on the commute.

You may also want to consider freelance work that you can do from home, such as writing or content management. Often times online news outlets or digital magazines are looking for folks to take on content during weekend hours when full-time staff aren’t working.

Consider local ads and part-time Craigslist ads

If you see a bakery or store locally that has a help wanted sign, consider applying for weekend hours. Since the business is local, it can really cut down on your commute time.

Additionally, Craigslist has a specific board dedicated to part-time listings locally and remotely. Consider using Craigslist to find your next weekend job; just be careful of scams and shady advertisements, which can be dangerous. Though many jobs posted on Craigslist are legitimate and safe, scams and shady schemes are posted every single day.

Though finding a weekend job can seem like a great way to supplement your income, don’t look too seriously into getting one if you’re already feeling overwhelmed or stressed at your full-time job. Chances are if you take on more, one of the two will suffer--and if it’s your full-time job, you may lose it. Budget your hours carefully and consider whether or not the extra cash is really worth it.

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