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JOB SEARCH / NOV. 09, 2014
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How to Find Administrative Assistant Jobs

Becoming an administrative assistant is a great way to gain valuable office experience and climb the administrative ladder. But finding a good position can be tough, especially if you aren’t a college graduate or a seasoned assistant. 

 However, by looking in the right places and making use of the right resources, even professionals without a higher degree or experience in the field can find a worthwhile position.

Find a recruiter

While a recruiter may not find you a position right away, there are several companies all over the world that specialize in finding positions for administrative professionals. They often advise you in training and certifications while helping you boost your resume, especially if you’re not an experienced assistant.

Remember that most recruiting companies don’t charge anything from the employee; once you’ve been hired on with a company as contract or full-time, the recruiter is paid through arrangements made with your new employer. If the recruiter is asking you for money to find you a position, do not work with them. 

Browse sites like Monster and LinkedIn

While Craigslist is a great place to find smaller opportunities, you may have more luck if you try sites like Monster and LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an especially good resource for finding open administrative positions in your area; it allows you to apply to some jobs with your profile, so remember to keep it as up to date as possibe.

Monster is also great for finding positions, but doesn’t function as a social network in the same way LinkedIn does. You can also set up email alerts with Monster so that the platform alerts you when similar jobs open up.

Craigslist, as stated above, is a good place to start your search, but you will have better luck in general if you widen your scope to include engines like LinkedIn and Monster; other sites include Indeed.

Attend a career fair or two

Career fairs tend to be the unsung heroes of the job search. This is the best place to meet with a hiring manager outside of an interview; as they get a chance to shake your hand and see your face, which can go a long way towards getting you in the office for an interview.

Just remember that you should wear your best professional attire to any career fair you attend, and always bring several copies of your resume and business card. The business card is optional, but if you show up without a resume (or any resumes), you’ve wasted a pretty big opportunity to get your name out there. 

Since most career fairs are directed towards one field or another, tracking down administrative career fairs in your area can be done online.

You should be using at least one of the above resources to aid your job search, if not a combination of the three. There’s no reason not to use every tool at your disposal when it comes to finding the perfect administrative assistant position.


Creative commons licensed (BY) flickr photo by ukCWCS.

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