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How to Find an Apartment After Relocating

“Willing to relocate?” can be one of the most intimidating questions on a job application. Yet increasing numbers of Americans are committing to packing up their things and moving for employment. According to a survey by Challenger, Gray & Christmas, 14 percent of job seekers moved for work—almost double the amount that moved in 2012 during the same quarter. Whether a job applicant is eager to relocate or resigned to it, though, hunting for a living situation in a new city can be a daunting task. Thanks to the internet, a multitude of options exist to help job seekers find digs in their city of employment.


Padmapper is a major player in the field of online apartment hunting. This free service is, as the website says, “basically, a big Google map with lots of house and apartment sublet and rental listings.” Users simply put in their city or zip code, as well as information about price range and size, and receive a map with listings throughout the location—a superbly helpful tool if you’re looking for a specific neighborhood. Padmapper is also useful for filtering an endless amount of Craigslist ads into a list worth looking at, though it provides less specific information about listings than other sites. The company also offers a free mobile app.


Zillow encompasses a wide spectrum of housing needs, including home and rental listings in addition to resources for mortgage rates and agents. The website has a similar look to Padmapper, offering a map of your desired location that marks all available apartments in assorted neighborhoods; the website also provides a few filters to organize listings, including low-to-high rent costs, bedroom count, the year built and newest inventory.


Hotpads, acquired by Zillow in 2012, serves as an additional resource for its parent company while also providing a comprehensive catalog of listings in its own right. The company is more geared towards a younger audience looking for first rentals but offers about half a million rentals for anyone in the apartment market. Where both Zillow and Hotpads succeed over some other sites, such as Padmapper, is in allowing users to send messages to apartment managers and complexes and start the email inquiry process. Neither Zillow nor Hotpads use Craigslist listings. is another comprehensive apartment search tool that presents its inventory in both a map and list format. The website is geared more towards apartment complexes than shared room or sublet situations and includes a respectable amount of information with each listing, such as a description of available models with their respective price ranges. also has a review function, which allows prospective tenants to get the dirt on their potential homes before making a decision.


Touted as “one app to find them all” by CNET, Lovely strives to connect tenants and apartment owners by utilizing both a web presence and a mobile app. Lovely offers a few unique functions, including the ability to set up alerts for new listings with tenants’ desired price range, bedroom count, neighborhood and so on. The company also works with owners and landlords to get in touch with renters who openly provide their financial and living details, providing a service that seeks to get management directly in touch with prospective tenants. Another distinctive attribute of Lovely is the option to set up automated payments and pay rent through the website.

Relocating can be one of the toughest aspects of a career move, both financially and emotionally, but is often a necessary component of advancing one’s career. Finding an apartment can be a hassle, but the advent of the digital age makes relocating a little easier by offering an abundance of online resources geared towards that very problem. If moving is the next step in your career timeline, consider using the internet to, as Padmapper’s logo says, “make apartment hunting suck less.”

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