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How to Find Your Dream Career

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A good portion of our time is taken up with working or “making a living.” If you have a dead-end job that you despise, that can increase your stress level and decrease your motivation factor. Finding your dream career involves a three-part process. You need to evaluate your skillset, research fields of study and ascertain your career options. This article will discuss those three factors and offer advice on how to find your dream career.

Evaluate Your Skillset

The first part in finding your dream career is to evaluate your skillset. You need to think constructively and ascertain the professional skills, personal interests and specific talents that you have. The College Board is an organization that helps students and career-minded individuals find the right career which is best suited to their specific skillset and talents. The organization offers the opportunity for individuals to explore college majors, compare universities and create a specific career plan which is personalized for your career goals. In regard to evaluating your skillset and talents, you can also take a personality and skillset assessment test. The organization will provide you with a detailed report on your personality type, along with your specific strengths and weaknesses. Knowing these details about yourself can assist you in finding your dream career. You will know which career is basically tailor-made for your personality.

Research Fields of Study

After you evaluate your skillset, you can begin to research various fields of study. While you are in the process of completing this second step, there are some questions that you need to ask yourself. Be specific in your answers and keep your responses in a journal or save them digitally for future reference.

  • As a child, what was your dream job? Is that still valid today?
  • What does your dream job currently look like?
  • Are there specific job activities you enjoy doing?
  • What would be your “nightmare” job that you’d despise?
  • Regarding previous jobs, which was your favorite and why?

Based off of these five questions, you should have a better idea of what type of career field your dream job is in. During your research stage, you should check out the Occupational Outlook Handbook created by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The handbook has a listing of hundreds of types of careers and facts about them such as median pay, highest paying etc. In reviewing this handbook—and based off your answers to the questions listed above—you should be able to make a listing of your possible dream jobs.

Ascertain Your Career Options

After you have completed your research on specific careers, you can now begin to ascertain your career options. In this section, you will be comparing career options and locating specific job opportunities which fall under the categories of your dream careers. The following is a listing for specific steps to take while ascertaining viable career options.

  • Summarize – When you find career opportunities that you think you may enjoy, summarize the jobs descriptions as well as the required skillset.
  • Comparison – Compare the specific details of each career option and then list the pros and cons of the jobs.
  • Prioritize – Ascertain your specific priorities pertaining to your personal and professional goals: attending university, family obligations, salary requirements and time balancing.
  • Finalize – Of course, your career goals may change with time, but narrow the list and focus on one specific career option.

Check out this top ten listing of job search engines—with websites such as, and, among others. Remember to focus on your dream career when you complete your job search.

Finding your dream career is simple if you follow the three steps outlined in this article. Begin with constructively evaluating your skillset. The second step involves researching the fields of study you may be interested in. Finally, ascertain the viable career options and decide on the best career opportunity for your current professional and personal life.    

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