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WORKPLACE / JAN. 21, 2015
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How to Find Your Ideal Position

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Everyone dreams of getting a fulfilling job that meets their lifetime goals and requirements. Finding that ideal job is difficult but achievable. There can exist a huge discrepancy between the career you thought was a good match for you and the one that is ideal for you. Integrate planning and scrutiny in your approach to discovering an ideal career path. To find a job that fits your requirements, consider the checklist below:

Identify a Job that Matches Your Interests

The first important tip is to identify a job that best fits your ambitions. This process of self-discovery requires you to know what you look for in a job and what you love doing. Consider a variety of jobs that interest you and narrow your search. Gather more information like job description, salary estimates and future trends of the job to help you decide. Network to get insight on how working in the field is like, career prospects and possible challenges that you may encounter while on the job. Otherwise, contemplate getting a career coach to guide you through the process.

Assess Your Skills

Once you have an idea of what you want, spare some time to review and assess your skills, strengths, and weakness. Cross-check the job requirements and the skills you possess. Your skills should not be limited to work only. They can also include the experiences that you’ve had over the years in interacting with other people. Some of these skills can include public speaking, management or leadership skills, computer literacy, mentoring and guidance, and counseling. Devise ways on how you can counter your weaknesses in a job environment. Additionally, find out how your strengths will propel you to meet your ideal job needs and requirements. Accomplishments also play a part in finding our ideal position.

Search and Evaluate Companies that Meet Your Ideal Job Requirements

Now that you know what works best for you, check out companies that offer the job. There may be numerous companies, but narrow them down according to location and employee benefits that suit you. Don’t pay much attention to vacancies or hiring mode. Carry out intensive research on the companies that you have chosen. 

Tailor Your Résumé

Another essential tip of finding your ideal position depends on the quality of your résumé. It is imperative that you write an effective résumé tailored towards your suitable job position. When writing your résumé, observe the format, avoid spelling and grammar mistakes, and make it easy to read. Remember, each job position has its own unique requirements. Spend a little time tailoring your résumé and customize it to coincide with the essential skills and experience required for the job.

Prepare Efficiently for an Interview

The final major step, to secure your ideal job position, is passing the interview. You should prepare effectively and know what your possible future employer looks for when hiring. Conduct a background check on the company and its operations before the interview. Noting these tips will help you anticipate possible questions that the employer may ask.

During the interview, show your enthusiasm in the job and answer questions intelligently. Demonstrate to the interviewer that your long-term career goals coincide with the job position you are seeking and the company’s goals.

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