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Finding a Job in 10 Easy Steps

Finding a job can be difficult in a tough economic climate and even more so towards the end of the year. It is important that you have a direction and understand the necessary steps to take in order to land your dream job. Never underestimate the challenges you may face when job hunting and always be prepared to for the unexpected as you never know when you may meet your future employer!

Check out the 10 easy steps below to land your dream job!

#1 Decide on your career direction

#2 Identify the skills and qualification you need to achieve your goal

#3 Research the top recruiters in the industry

#4 If you need to brush up on certain skills, then find relevant training programs to attend

#5 Sign up with online recruitment boards and agencies to help speed up the process of job applications

#6 Write a tailored resume for each company you apply to

#7 Prepare a unique and personalized cover letter to compliment your resume application

#8 Stand out from the crowd by creating an online social media presence to highlight your employability and unique skills

#9 When creating an online brand for yourself be sure to use keywords to help recruiters find you!

#10 Prepare your elevator speech (this is a quick speech by which you sell yourself to potential employers)

Quick job hunting tips:

  • Look for jobs online and offline; this means online job boards, company websites, newspapers and industry journals
  • Always be prepare to sell yourself with a well rehearsed elevator speech
  • Have your contact/business cards ready for networking opportunities
  • Attend as many career fairs and industry events as you can
  • Never allow yourself to get complacent or demotivated in your job hunt


Although these 10 steps and quick job-hunting tips are not conclusive, following them will dramatically enhance your employment prospects and enable you to stand out from the crowd as a job seeker. Your primary aim as a job seeker is to catch the recruiters attention, and by creating an engaging resume, personalized cover letter and creative online presence, you can successfully showcase your attributes as a potential employee.   

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Get our FREE eBook!
'6 Steps to Landing Your Next Job'

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