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Finding a Job in Today’s Tough Economy

A tough economy means one thing for job seekers – a tough time finding employment. With the ever increasing mass of qualified graduates and job seekers, combined with the limited availability of jobs, competition is undoubtedly rife.

Below are some tips on how job seekers can find employment in today’s tough economy:

Make 5 calls per day with networking contacts

Keeping a regular rapport with your network of contacts will ensure that they do not forget you as a job seeker and will have you in mind should an available post arise. Regular contact means making 5 calls per day with 5 different contacts.

Attend one networking event per week

This will enable you to build up a strong network base, thus giving you a broader range of networks to contact and ultimately boosting your employment prospects

Follow up immediately upon meeting new contacts

Do not allow a new contact to forget who you are by leaving communication with them for a few weeks. These individuals will undoubtedly meet new people on a regular basis and it is therefore essential that you encourage communication with them from an early stage

Remind everyone you know

Remind your family, friends, former colleagues and all other connections that you have that you are seeking employment. Do not allow them to forget about your employment desires and continually remind them that you are a job seeker.

Email, call and write to companies that you wish to work

Compile a list of all the companies that you wish to work for and regularly communicate with them (using various mediums). Do not pester them on a daily basis as this will put them off; keep communication relaxed but regular, so that they become familiar with your name and profile.

Set up an engaging and appealing blog

Social media has boosted the way that job seekers can portray themselves so it is important to take advantage of all mediums of communication so as to enhance your job seeker profile.

Follow up an interview or meeting with a thank you note

A thank you note gives you the opportunity to detail exactly why you want the job and to follow up on particular questions that you may have been asked during the interview. Little touches will boost a recruiter’s memory of you and make you stand out from an increasingly competitive crowd.

Keep busy whilst job seeking

During the job seeker process it is important to remain proactive by volunteering, writing for a local magazine or newspaper, publishing your photographs on a social media site or improve your skill set by attending courses and so on. Do everything in your power to be as unique and engaging as possible.

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