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Finding a Job Requires Thinking Outside the Box

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1. Do it like a… hitch hiker!
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Mr. Simon Whitaker, a 43-year-old Irish immigrant living in Adelaide quit his previous job, mistakenly believing that a new role would be easy to find. The Irish man stood for about four hours on Adelaide Rd holding a sign which read “jobseeker” in large letters and included details about his skills. Luckily, Cameron Scott, the Jim’s Antennas regional franchisor for the state’s South-East, drove past. Attracted by Mr. Whitaker’s predicament, Scott did a U-turn, pulled over and after chatting, the two men agreed to meet in a nearby coffee shop. To cut the long story short, the ‘unconventional’ job seeker ended up employed by Jim’s Antennas and has since completed training in Mt Gambier and Victor Harbor to become an antenna technician. See? You don’t have to get yourself stuck in the big bureaucracies often involved when sending CVs and cover letters! Just be brave and put yourself out there. In other words, literally!

Do you follow traditional ways of applying for jobs? Do you browse websites, fillapplication forms and sending dozens of cover letters with CVs, but all in vain? If so, it is about time you took the 'unconventional' approach to land your favorite job.  Get inspired from what other desperate job hunters did. Who knows? Maybe it’s your lucky day to find a job!

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