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Finding a Star Employee

Advertising a job vacancy and sorting through CVs and resumes is the traditional method adopted by many employers when searching for new employees. However, hiring this way can result in numerous problems in finding a top employee, as simply reviewing a resume will not give you a clear indication of the true characteristics of the individual.

Rather than sorting through a pile of CVs and trying to find out someone’s true abilities, below are some tips on how you can find the next outstanding candidate:

Spread the word

Spread the word about your available vacancy via word of mouth, informing everyone that you know that you are looking for a new employee. Ask existing employees, friends and acquaintances if they know of anybody interested in finding employment and be sure to promote the benefits of working for your company.


Internships are considered an excellent way to finding a star employee. By offering internship opportunities to young job seekers, you will be able to gauge exactly whether or not the employee is a good fit for the position.

You will also be able to learn how appropriate the candidate is for fitting in with the company’s culture. Essentially, an internship is your chance to ‘test drive’ potential employees, and if you find someone fitting, you will easily be able to transition them to a permanent position.

Poach your competition!


In the course of your work you will undoubtedly meet people whose work is of such a high quality that you would love to have them work for you. Keep the contact details of these individuals on file for future reference. Though those people may be happy where they are, you will never know unless you ask them and a new employment opportunity may be just the thing they seek. 

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