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Finding Employees to Work for Free

Finding employees to work for you for free may seem like a challenge but in fact it is completely achievable! In this tough economic climate, where companies need to continually cut costs, the prospect of having a workforce that will perform duties for free is very much welcomed.

The ongoing redundancies and dwindling number of job opportunities, combined with a highly competitive jobs market has meant that finding staff that are highly skilled and whom will work for free in order to gain experience, has become easier than ever.

Where to look for free employees?

  • University career fairs
  • Industry specific career fairs
  • College and university online forums
  • Networking and contacts
  • Job centers
  • Advertising online
  • Posting work experience opportunities in newspapers

How to attract employees to work for free?

There is no easy way of appeal to a workforce by first stating that they will be working for free, so it is vital that you create a job post that intrigues and interests your target market. You must be able to guarantee the candidates valuable work experience and a chance to further their skills.

Through offering networking opportunities, work that would otherwise take years of hard graft with a company to experience, and a chance to use their existing skills to make a difference in your company, then you have a good chance of attracting employees who will work for free.

Why free employees are often the best

When employees are hired as full time, paid staff members, they are bound by an employment contract that is often very difficult to break unless something illegal, or which jeopardizes the company, occurs. This gives employees a false sense of security and at times, may cause them to become lazy and only produce what is necessary in order to cruise through the day.


Employees who have qualified for an internship (working for free) are more likely to excel in their job as they want to impress the company and give them a reason to keep the intern on as a paid employee. The internship is their chance to shine as a valuable employee in their chosen industry, and so it is vital for them to continually exceed expectations and carry out tasks to the best of their ability. 

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