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NETWORKING / SEP. 24, 2014
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Finding Success in Virtual Career Fairs

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Finding the right job in a crowd of employers can be taxing. Going to the usual job fair booths and looking for your potential employers is not easy. But that is not the case in virtual career fairs.

A virtual job fair is quite similar to the typical job fair, except that you don’t need to go to a certain place and squeeze yourself in a mob of job hunters just to see your potential employer face-to-face. What’s making this kind of job hunting more convenient and comfortable is that you just stay at home and go online.

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In a virtual career fair, you need to register for the event and log on or go online on the scheduled date of the fair. Once you’re already part of the event you can already find information about potential employers participating and you can download it. You can also watch videos and even stream live presentations; and instead of finding career fair booths, you can see chat rooms where you can go in and ask for important questions and other vital information.
With less the stress and hassle, you can have lots of opportunities to find a job. You can even be readily interviewed via Skype. But even if virtual career fairs are much convenient and less troublesome than actual job fairs, you still need to aim high and stand out for you to land a job.

Here are a few tips to help you succeed and stand out in virtual career fairs:

Be one step ahead. 

Researching and knowing about company representatives and interviewers participating in the event is one wise tip of being one step ahead. Having the basic knowledge of the company or employer you are pursuing will help you during your job hunt. Another thing is that you need to create goals, objectives and plans to help you get the most out of the virtual career fair.

Test the functionality of your technology. 

You don’t want to jeopardize your chance to land your dream job, right? Make sure that everything you will be using – laptop/desktop computer, webcam, microphone – are in good condition and functional. Test every gadget or device that you will need for the event beforehand so that if there will be technical malfunctions, you can still find ways to fix it.

Look and act like a professional. 

It is essential that you maintain a professional appearance. Your name, photo and the way you use language greatly affect how an employer will perceive you. Be professional in everything. Put a decent photo and name, and if ever you will be interviewed via Skype, put on formal and decent clothes. Remember, you are looking for a job; you would not want your potential employer to see you as someone sloppy and unprofessional.

Take note of the people you interact with. 

Remember names, email addresses and other important details and information of the people you talk and interact with. Those will be very important when you do a follow-up, which is a must.
It is important to take heed of those tips above for you to succeed in the virtual career fairs you are attending. You are looking for a job and you should do all that it takes to get one. Good luck on your virtual job hunt!

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