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Finding Talent a Challenge for Many Sectors

Many countries across the globe are struggling to find a talented workforce, particularly within industries where a highly skilled and qualified workforce is required.

The circumstances are particularly bad in Malaysia, a country that has experienced a huge economical transformation in recent years. As a result, employers are struggling to locate a refined workforce that meets their expectations and is able to fulfill the requirements of a typically challenging role, particular within the semiconductor industries.

Competition is rife

In recent years, the semiconductor industries have been under increasing pressure to find and retain a strong workforce. According to reports, thousands of electrical and electronic companies are opening up in Malaysia across the semiconductor and electronic industrial industries. As a leading industry in the country’s manufacturing sector, it currently contributes approximately 29.3% to the country’s overall economy, and looks set to contribute further as more and more companies open up in the region.

The race for top employees

As more and more companies continue to open base in Malaysia, the competition to find top employment is further intensifying. Companies seeking fresh graduates are particularly hard hit, as many of the graduates that they shortlist lack the exposure to stringent standards of high technology from nations such as the USA, Europe and Japan.

One company in particular, Germany-based Muehlbauer Technologies Sdn Bhd, sends its employees to Germany for training prior to beginning full time employment. These individuals are required to understand complex and extremely technical standards of many countries across the globe, while the equipment that they are required to produce must be done so with exact precision.

However once the workforce has been found and trained, companies such as Muehlbauer Technologies are then faced with the challenge of ‘talent poaching’, whereby other companies seek them out for a higher salary and remuneration package.

Companies seeking new measures to retain employees

Although the job market is still limited, Malaysia is working hard to increase the number of candidates applying for vacancies in the region.

Companies operating within the semiconductor industry are adopting stronger measures to find and retain a talented workforce. One of the many methods that they are adopting is to collaborate with universities to find top candidates. In addition, they are working on various methods to ensure the retention of staff, in order to avoid a high employee turnover.

Employers stipulate that those interested in a role within this sector must possess exceptional problem solving and analytical skills, whilst being very creative and innovative.



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