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Fire up Your Creative Thinking Skills and Breathe New Life into Your Career

More and more job specifications list creative thinking skills as part of the job requirements. This is evident across the spectrum of industry sectors and not just in the traditional artistic fields such as Architecture, Design and Music. Successful companies such as Virgin, Google and Microsoft have all been built on the creative thinking skills of their founders. Creative thinking abilities can open the door of opportunities which is why you should improve yours now and breathe new life into your career.

Why are creative thinking skills so important?

Creative thinking skills are not reserved for top management only. The ability to think creatively is a part of our DNA which means we were all born with it. Demonstrate the ability to provide value to your workplace and you will become a respected and prized member of your organisation. Building on your creative thinking skills will have you:

  •          adapt to change better
  •          build confidence in your ideas
  •          allow you to make a positive difference or impact in your workplace
  •          see the possibilities and the positives
  •          provide sustainable solutions
  •          demonstrate leadership abilities
  •          challenge yourself

Businesses secure their future success and sustainability on the creative thinking skills of their employees. Creative thinking skills generate ideas and form the basis for innovation and invention. Creative problem solvers initiate and create procedures for efficient work processes or create products and services that improve the bottom line of the business’ accounting sheet 

So what are creative thinking skills?

Creative thinking skills are cognitive capabilities that allow you to see potential and possibilities rather than problems and are now considered a life skill as well as a skill that is highly prized in the business world. It is your ability to draw connections between things and the ability to view things from multiple perspectives and in believing that all is possible that are some of the pillars of creative thinking. Imagination promotes converting knowledge into perceptions and ideas as well as successfully implementing them.

If you’re one of those who think along the lines of ‘I don’t have a creative bone in my body’, don’t despair. Edward de Bono, one of the world’s prominent influencers and teachers on creative thinking skills, assures us that ‘creative thinking - in terms of idea creativity - is not a mystical talent. It is a skill that can be practiced and nurtured’.

How to improve your creative thinking skills

Create Aha! moments with these simple creative thinking tips:

  1.        Silence the inner critic

Nothing kills the creative thought process quite like self-doubt, insecurities or negative attitudes

  1.     Let go of assumptions and ask questions
  2.     Meditate

It is when we quieten the mind that we see the possibilities before us.

  1.        Exercise

Physical activity is a known contributor to boosting creative thinking skills. We often generate ideas when we are feeling happy and positive which are known side effects of exercising.

  1.        Find what works in boosting the creative flow

Are you more creative at certain times of the day? Is there a song or genre of music that improves your ability to be creative?

Creative thinking skills empowers. It is that simple. Whether you’re in sales, product development, marketing or business management, creative thinking skills will form the lifeblood of your accomplishments. Keep the successes of your career going forward by breathing life into your creative thinking abilities today.


Photo credit: Richard Lewis

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