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Fishing is One of the Most Dangerous Jobs in the World – Could You Do It?

Fishing – an ancient profession – has remained popular even in today’s fast moving, commercial and technologically advanced marketplace. According to archaeological research, humans have been fishing for more than 40,000 years! Ok, so the techniques have changed dramatically, but this just goes to show that a solid profession such as fishing, can truly withstand the years of time.

The art of ancient fishing

Ancient fishing comprised of using long spears to capture fish in shallow waters, and this technique required an extremely sophisticated level of skill to master. Not only did you have to be quick, quiet, and very patient, but you had to remain focused for long periods of time just to catch one fish. Thankfully, there is no call for spear fishing anymore; in fact, today’s technologically advanced fishing boats have made the fishing industry into a global, multi-billion pound industry!

Whether you opt to work in the commercial fishing and fish farming sector, or the fish processing market, you can carve yourself a very successful, secure, and profitable career. Nevertheless, you should be aware of the dangers associated with fishing – as a career as a fisherman is definitely not for the faint hearted.  

Dangers about Fishing

  • Fishermen have to haul extremely heavy nets and cages with the risk of injury each time a net or cage gets stuck. These weigh several hundred pounds and can cause severe injury if not handled correctly or system failures occur.
  • The fate of fishermen and their fishing boats are down to the waves! Many times, the best fishing spots are in locations known for their horrendous conditions. With torrential rain, high winds, rough waves, and darkness to contend with, coming home safely after a fishing expedition is not always guaranteed.
  • Fishing has been named as one of the most deadliest occupations in the US. Research found that 30% of occupational fatalities each year in Alaska are fishing related.
  • According to reports, 128 per 100,000 Alaskan fishermen died during fishing expeditions in 2007. This makes the dangers of Alaskan fishing 26 times more than the national average.

Why opt for a career in fishing?


The potential to make a significant sum of money for each fishing trip is huge, and so this is a drawing factor for many people who are looking to earn big money, fast. U.S Statistics revealed that crab fishermen can earn $60,000 for just a few months work! Whilst those who own fishing boats can make over $100,000. So if you are physically fit, can cope with being away from home for several weeks at a time, and have the stamina to work in perilous conditions, you could become a very successful and rich fisherman!

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