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Five Lessons Job Seekers can Take from the Golf Club

The Masters Golf Tournament is considered to be one of the most crucial championships in International Golfing standards. Bubba Watson recently won the title in the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. Irrespective of whether you are a golf fan or not, you can learn some great lessons from the professionalism and dedication that many players have showed.

Many players play for several years without a tournament against their name. One such player who participated in Augusta is Steven Bowditch. Very recently, Steven won the right to participate in the Masters after winning his first ever US P.G.A. tour in the Texas Open. What is even more incredible about the sportsman is that he was struggling with severe depression for many years.

There are few points job seekers can pick up from the life of Bowditch and other golfers. These lessons should help job seekers approach their job search in the toughest manner possible.

1. Learning at a young age

Professional golfers usually practice their games at a young age. They take every possible lesson about the sport and play during their high school days and college days.

After all your education and skill-development practices, you are now a qualified job seeker. Now, you have to learn to execute your skills and the knowledge you have gained. Learn the techniques of conducting a successful job search. That includes interview skills, networking and negotiating, not just for an interview; you should also know how to make a positive impression after being hired. Learning the best practices for career advancement at an early stage will definitely help you.

2. Practicing what you have been learning

It is amazing to see a professional golfer reinforcing things that he or she did and succeeded. This is the result of repeated practice, finding where you are going wrong, correcting your mistakes and also analyzing what you did right.

Likewise, if you are networking an event or an informational interview, practice rehearsing questions and their responses. If your event does not go well, take it as a learning opportunity. This way, you will be more articulate in your next event. On the other side, if you are happy about the way you have handled certain scenarios and feel good about it, observe what went well. Repeat them again in a better manner. This is how you can attain perfection.

3. Using the apt tools       

Golf commentators like to remark on the club chosen by different players. Based on their shot success, they either applaud or belittle the player’s choice. In fact, golfers take time and care in choosing the right club for the right shot.

Job seekers too have an array of tools to choose from and the success hugely depends on what tool you use and how you use them. For example, there are several online resources for interviews that can be extremely helpful if you want to prepare and practice for different interviews.  One important tool for job-searching professionals is LinkedIn. Careerrealism features a terrific set of LinkedIn tutorials that are worth watching.

4. Finding the right mentor

Golfers would not have made it to the professional level without a good mentor. This is a great lesson for job seekers too. No matter what stage of your career you are in, a mentor’s professional guidance and advice would do a world of good to you. You mentor could be a faculty member, an experienced preceptor, a supervisor or even a colleague. Don’t be shy to learn things from your juniors or from young people who know things.

The beauty of teaching is you will also learn while you teach. When you mentor someone, you could also come across your forgotten skills. Now you are recharged with your lost skill.

5. Persevere

It was so easy for Steven Bowditch to have given up long ago. He did not go down owing to his depression. He won a tournament on his 110 try.

Big lesson learnt. Job searching could be the most discouraging and frustrating activity in the competitive job market today. But there is always a reward for perseverance and patience.

Hope these five lessons from the golf club helps you find the right job for yourself. Do you have anything interesting to share about your job search strategies? Please do so in the comment section below. 


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