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Five Signs You Could Be an Entrepreneur

Strong work ethic, persistence, discipline and persuasiveness are all qualities one would expect the successful entrepreneur to have. It takes certain abilities and particular character traits to become a business mogul.

Sure, not everyone is for the entrepreneur life and not everyone fits the ideal candidate to run their own business. But there are a few signs in one’s character that may indicate that they are meant to be entrepreneurs.

If you find that the signs below describe you, it may be time to start considering the life of entrepreneurship.

You defy authority

You have a history of resisting authority from your parents, your teachers, and now your bosses. Working in a group and following the leader is something you struggle against.

You’re opinionated

When a project isn’t going your way, you’re always there to hand over your opinion. Even when you’re not asked, you’re constantly ready to throw in your idea of improving.

You’re a rule-breaker

Dismissing the policies, laws and regulations of the company you work for is usually the case for you. You despise conformity and tend to break the rules.

You’re easily bored

There’s a reason why you hated sitting through those classes during high-school. You’re bored. You crave a challenge and want to take part in activities that fit your abilities.

You’re constantly being fired

Working for others just isn’t for you. You want to abide by your own rules and be creative in your own way. You’re constantly losing your job for being too much of an individual.

These attributes you once thought were liabilities can now be regarded as assets. Embrace these traits and consider walking the entrepreneur path…

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