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Five Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Creating and sustaining a business is lots of work, and it definitely isn’t for everybody. If you like to work just few hours per day, spend the rest of the day simply hanging out, and enjoy the ease that a steady paycheck brings, then entrepreneurship isn’t for you and you can skip this article. However, If you are highly motivated, willing to face risks and challenges, ready to fail, and determined to succeed no matter what, then read on. You might have what it takes.

Generally, people believe that entrepreneurs are born prodigies, hyperoganized workaholics, and extreme extroverts who spend all of their time communicating with people.  However, to be a successful entrepreneur, you don’t need any of these traits. What you need is much simpler – some tenacity, mixed with passion and vision, topped with self-confidence and flexibility - and voila! – you or on your way to success. Read on to find out what are the five most important traits that make up a successful entrepreneur.


This trait is known by many names, including persistence, determination, commitment, resilience, and perseverance. Entrepreneurs face so many obstacles that they wouldn’t go anywhere without all of these. They need to be able to live with uncertainty and push through walls and walls of obstacles for many years to come.

Strong sense of self

You probably know that successful entrepreneurs often have quite intense personalities. They don’t sit on the couch and wait for an external motivator. They find motivation in themselves and this allows them push through the limits. Apart from self-motivation, a strong sense of self comes from self-confidence. Great entrepreneurs know they will succeed even in the face of failure. They don’t lose hope.

Passion and Vision

A fascinating characteristic of entrepreneurs is that they are not in their business, solely, for money, they are there because they want to solve problems and make things easier, better, and cheaper. They truly have passion for what they do and this passion acts as an intrinsic drive that provides them with an internal reward while waiting for a paycheck. They are also able to see an opportunity in almost everything.


Of course, entrepreneurs must be able to change so that they can adapt to challenges. Their final products never look as they envisioned them at the beginning. This is because they are required to be flexible in response to the opinions and desires of the market. Making adjustments to the ideas is an essential part of their daily life.

A slight disrespect for the rules

Entrepreneurs must defy conventionality. Not to say that they are natural felons, but they often do defy rules and cross lines that other people wouldn’t.  They take risks and act in a smart but aggressive way. In fact, the nature of entrepreneurship is to do what others are not doing, and so rule-breaking comes as a plus.

To see if you would make a good entrepreneur, consider these five traits as a checklist. Do you possess them, and if yes, to what extent? If you think this personality profile suits you, do you already have an idea for a business? If no, maybe it is time to put on your thinking cap.


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