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Flowers in the Workplace Can Increase Your Productivity

A laptop, several books and papers, notepads and a number of pens – these are what you usually see in an office desk. Looking at them can sometimes make you feel tired because they sort of remind you of the many tasks you need to accomplish. If you want something to change the view in your desk, put a flower; you will never know what wonders a humble flower can do.

Flowers are colorful and attractive. They bring beauty to any part of the house you put them, whether at the center table in your living room, or simply just above a huge drawer along with your family’s picture frames. Flowers can also change the view and even the atmosphere when you put them in your office desk.

But guess what, there is more to just making your office desk look great by adding the presence of flowers. According to research, there is a connection between plants or flowers and employees’ ability to generate solutions to problems and think of creative ideas.

Researchers from Texas A&M University found out that employees tend to become more productive when there is greenery or plants in proximity, that is when putting flowers in their office desk. Their study shows that flowers drive workers to be more productive and creative.

Dr. Roger Ulrich, the head researcher, along with his team explored the link or connection between flowers and plants and workplace, productivity and creativity. This team of researchers conducted an eight-month study wherein they divided the participants into two groups. Participants in the first group were put in a workplace with plants and flowers, while the second group was placed in an environment that had no decorative beautifications or embellishments.

During the study, both men and women who belonged in the first group showed an improvement in their creative performance and demonstrated a more innovative thinking and problem-solving skills. The study found out that there was a 15% increase in idea-generation among men and creative performance among women who had their workspace decorated with flowers.

Researchers also added that having fresh flowers present in your desk can lessen anxiety, combat depressive moods and even reduce negative thinking. The presence of plants and flowers has positive impact on individuals who are busy working in their offices.

Other studies related to the research made by Dr. Ulrich showed that people who are exposed to nature scenes are said to experience higher or increase levels of playfulness, friendliness, happiness and affection. These studies also reported that when individuals are placed in an environment full of trees, plants, flowers and other nature-related sceneries, they demonstrate a more positive attitude and display a greater sense of well-being.

The humble flowers you put in your office desk can do wonders that you can did not imagine. So why not pick or buy fresh flowers and place them on your desk; it will give do more than just beautifying your workspace. It will lift up your mood and even help you become a productive worker and a better employee.

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