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For Those That Are Bored

"The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid ones are full of confidence."

-- Charles Bukowski


For those that are bored (whether at work or play) what is it that causes you to be so unenthused about the world?

The world is on fire, and our souls along with it.

How blind could you be to the stampede?

There are so many things which could enter our minds, ears and hearts, to keep us from adhering to the depths of idle nothingness. Even a relaxing peace should not be boring. Only when our minds become stilted do we secede to the point of feeling empty.

And, for that, there is a plentiful amount of substances to fill up our lives. The problem is your own lack of perspective.

Use whatever is necessary to change it.

If you see the world as a boring place, perhaps, because you are unfilled at your job, maybe it just means that the pursuit of money is not enough to make you happy.

If this is true, then what other things out there (or in there) could possibly make you feel a little more human?

How about taking a walk outside, going for a bike ride, or ripping it up on a motorcycle, cycling through traffic? Playing a musical instrument. Holding your breath and counting to ten. Pouring yourself a drink. Smoking another bowl. Wringing your hands while pacing in circles. Staring out the window, studying the clouds, the people or the stars. Listing all the things that make your life worth living, against a list of all the things that make you bored and boring. Cross it all out. Write a poem. Sing a song. Pick your nose. Masturbate. Find a partner. Have a threesome.

Don’t be so uptight and narrow-minded.

We’re all going to die. There is no escape. And this is the only world, as of this moment, that we have. In fact, the moment is all that we have.

Most of our possessions will be left behind us. Our wealth -- we can’t take that with us, either. Sure, it’s important to have insurance. But what if there was nothing really to be insured?

Oh, shit.

Keep yourself healthy, and make sure that you put your mind first. Don’t resort to doing what you have to do, instead of what you think you should. They are both the same thing.

Don’t be a menace to yourself by holding in what you feel like you should be doing. And if you feel like you shouldn’t be doing anything, then, by all means, don’t do it.

Just don’t complain about it. Otherwise you might seem a little selfish.

Why be selfish on a planet filled with billions?

Ignore what you were taught, unless it means something to you.

Then think of all the music that doesn’t suck -- the stuff that has gone Underground. Dream for yourself, what you want your life to be like. And that is the goal that will you will work towards, no matter how much you keep shooting yourself in the foot. Reality is made up of a subtle substance that cannot be measured, unless you have a pair of eyes.

Use them. Or don’t. Look deep into yourself.

Or don’t.

Go with the flow.

But, if you do: don’t complain about what happens next.

And if you must complain about being “bored,” well, what are you doing about it?

If you are bored, and you aren’t doing anything about it -- what the fuck do you expect to happen?

Things don’t fall out of the sky, to land in your lap, to pick you up and carry you on to something that is worthwhile and meaningful. You have to put that into action. Whether you accomplish that by thinking, moving, feeling, fucking, dreaming, pretending -- it doesn’t matter.

Just remember that you are in control of your life. And you only relinquish those reigns by allowing other people to run your life for you, to decide for you, to conform the circumstances to your inaction.

If the job is boring, then what else can you do about it in order to make it a little less draining? What if you have to “stick with it,” as we love to say?

Can’t you look at it, then, from another perspective, if you believe that you really have no choice in the matter?

When things don’t feel right, it’s because your body is more intuitive than you will ever recognise. Until you stop thinking of what your life is or could be, you won’t be able to make it what it should be.

Have I lost you?

Your life will become exactly what you expect from it. No more, and no less. So expect something bigger than being bored. That is, if you aren’t content with feeling hollow and ambivalent.

If you aren’t, then do something about it. Move forward.

Otherwise, learn to be content.

Because plenty of people in this world have a lot less than you, and they aren’t bored. No, they are just fine with the way things are. And if they aren’t, they are doing something about it.

So why aren’t you?


Image Source: Bukowski

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