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Four Companies with Bizarre and Cringeworthy Interview Processes

If you’ve not yet experienced an interview that has left you cringing each time that you think about it then you’ve been lucky so far! All interviews are different; some companies like to make their applicants feel at ease, whilst others aim to put you under massive pressure to see how you react.

The nerve-wracking part of an interview is that you never can know what to expect until it’s in full swing. Some interviews will consist of some pretty straightforward and general questions, however others may take a more bizarre, difficult or wacky approach. We’ve done a bit of research and found four companies with unusual interview processes that would leave you feeling a little hot under the collar.


If you’ve not yet seen the viral video of Heineken’s less than traditional method of recruiting then you’re in for a treat! Heineken took candidates completely out their comfort zones by staging an outrageously awkward series of events in each interview to see how the candidates reacted. The bizarre interviews were secretly filmed with hilarious results, which you can watch in the video above.


Scenetap is a social networking nightlife website based in America. Their excruciatingly cringeworthy interview involves taking two competing candidates out for a slap-up meal together and then having them battle it out during an awkward joint interview. This approach is obviously meant to make the candidates sweat a little (ok, a lot) and see how they handle such a difficult situation.


Search engine giant Google are renowned for holding particularly difficult interviews in order to find the very brightest sparks out there. Google ask their candidates to solve very difficult problems relating to their areas of expertise as well as complex brainteasers. Tricky brainteasers like “How many golf balls can you fit in an aeroplane” and “How many piano tuners are there in the city of Chicago” help Google to find the smartest, quickest, most imaginative and creative candidates.

Likeable Media

Likeable Media is a digital media marketing company and technology rules every aspect of their business. Therefore it only makes sense that they hold an interview that would test their candidates on a digital platform in order to see just how tech-savvy they are and how well they can express themselves online. Likeable Media held their interviews over the social media platform Twitter. They tweeted questions to all the candidates at the same time and the candidates then answered their questions using a common hash tag.

Have your ever experienced a horrendously awkward or embarrasing job interview? What happened in the interview? Share your experiences with us below!

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