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Four Recruiting Developments for 2014

Ever wondered how and to what extent recruitment will change in the next year? 2014 is predicted to be an exciting and challenging year for job seekers as the recruiting process for most companies is expected to shift dramatically towards technology. The Bersin 2014 Predictions Report  gives us plenty of useful insights into how employers plan to recruit and manage the best talent in the coming year. Here are four of the most striking recruitment trends that employers will employ in the year ahead:

Hiring Will Go Increasingly…Mobile

The report argues that nowadays employers spend more time on mobile devices than they do on PCs. According to the research, employers admitted that 40%-50% of their job candidates tend to apply from their mobile phones. This should, persuade more companies to adopt a mobile-enabled job application process so as to not loose good candidates. In the future a mobile interface will be an embedded feature of every employers’ recruitment platforms. 

In 2014 recruiting and collaboration will increasingly be relying on mobile and tablet devices. HR departments will employ mobile, video, social tools and wearable computing in order to attract the best talent. With the exponential growth of mobile computing and the ubiquity of videos and photos across social media; HR departments are expected to boost video-based learning, recruiting and blogging to interact with the existing and potential workforce.

Data Science and Big Data Tools Will Rise

The second area which is expected to see growth in the coming year is the market of Big Data tools, assessments and data services. In recruiting, perhaps more than any other area, a number of fast-growing companies are mining employee social and public data. It provides amazing insights about where candidates are, who they are, and when they are looking to change positions. Solution providers (like LinkedIn, Gild, TalentBin, Identified, Evolve, Burning Glass Technologies, and many more) are now offering new Big Data tools to help recruiters find unique candidates in specialized markets.

Talent Management Platforms Will Become More Integrated

In 2014 companies will place more emphasis on developing analytics platforms and easy-to-use mobile interfaces to help improve their recruitment systems. Midsize companies will continue to use solutions providers such as JobVite, Peoplefluent, Icims but large firms will employ recruitment platforms such us SAP, SuccessFactors and Kenexa BrassRing that make recruiting workflow easier to manage.


Talent Analytics Will Come to the Front of the Stage

Another big trend for 2014 is the continued growth and focus on talent analytics. According to the report, more than two-thirds of organizations are significantly increasing their investments in talent analytics in 2014. The main challenge for companies is not merely the management of incoming CVs but rather the analysis of data about candidates. The so-called “datafication of HR” – the trend toward data-driven thinking and integrated data infrastructure; is vital in understanding the relationship between employee potential and business return. The more data companies have the more they are able to improve their decisions on who to hire, how to manage, and how to optimise the people part of the business.

All in all, in 2014 firms are likely to invest even more in talent acquisition; while HR technologies will be an integral part of the process of absorbing the best talent. The use of Big Data and talent analytics will be decisive for employers to make informed decisions on which candidate can make a positive impact on the company’s overall operation.

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