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Freelance Writing – How to Stay Revitalized

Freelance writing offers an opportunity to make unlimited income while working from home. Therefore, in the attempt to make an extra dollar, many writers find themselves pushing too hard. This usually results in severe exhaustion, health problems and breakdown of relationships. Here are some great tips for staying revitalized as a freelance writer:

1. Alternate your work

Working on one project for a long time can be very boring and tiring. Regardless of how inspired you are for a specific project, your productivity will be affected if you don’t alternate it with other tasks. Varying your work will help you kill the monotony and keep your mind engaged. When planning for your work, allocate specific activities for different times of the day. For instance, you could start by writing sales copy in the morning, and then focus on blog posts in the afternoon. Your evening could be dedicated to marketing and promotion.  

2. Take frequent breaks

Many freelance writers spend long hours sitting in front of their computers screens. This could result in muscle and eye strain, back aches, as well as complications arising from poor blood circulation. This is why it is very vital to sit in a good posture when working. Be sure to take a short break at least once every one hour. Go to the kitchen and make some coffee, or take a walk around the block. When you get back to work, your mind will be refreshed thus enabling you to be more productive. In addition, it is also important to take micro-breaks in between your work. This could be simply moving your eyes from the screen and focusing your attention on a different object. This will protect your eye muscles from getting strained and fatigued.

3. Move around

No one said that freelance writers have to work from the same place every day. If you are tired of working from your home office, you could always opt to relocate to the balcony or garden. Better still, carry your laptop or tablet and go work from the park, the library or your favorite coffee house. Changing your location is not only refreshing, but could also provide a great source of inspiration. Since you are your own boss, feel free to do what suits you best.

4. Network with other writers

Interacting with other writers gives you an opportunity to share ideas and find job leads. One of the best places to network with such people is in one of the numerous writers’ forums online. These forums provide an opportunity to ask questions and also share your expertise with other writers. You could also take time to attend offline conferences and seminars for writers.

5. Socialize

One of the greatest challenges faced by freelance writers is isolation. Since the job involves little or no physical interaction with people, it can get very lonely. Since you are in control of your hours, be sure to make time to meet friends, watch a movie, go for a picnic or take a road trip. It would also be advisable to take a few weeks off each year to go on vacation.  


The key to staying revitalized as a freelance writer is living a balanced life. Don’t allow yourself to become a slave of your job.

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