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Freelancers: Make It Easier for Clients to Contact You

Freelancers are known for constantly hustling for clients. They’re always networking, pitching ideas, and asking clients for work. When done together, all of these things can form the basis of a successful freelance career. However, finding more work can be a lot easier. How? It’s easy. Add a "Hire Me" page, make your contact information readily available, and talk about your eagerness to take on new projects. Before you know it, clients will be coming to you.  

1. Include a “Hire Me” link on your website or blog

This is simple, but extremely important. Putting a "Hire Me" link on your website or blog shows prospective clients that you’re available for work. Often times, freelancers don’t make it clear whether or not they’re open to offering their services to more clients. Potential clients have to go through multiple webpages and steps before finding a freelancer’s contact information and, sometimes, they’re not even sure if the freelancer has time or any interest in taking on more work. Thus, having a visible “Hire Me” link could make prospective clients feel more comfortable about approaching you.

2. Talk about your passion for new projects on your blog

Your website should include a blog page where you document the projects you work on and devote a couple hundred words or so to talking about your passion for taking on new projects. Doing this can help potential clients learn about your enthusiasm, diligence, and passion for your service – all of which can help them grow fond of your personality.

When writing about your projects in your blog, try to be extremely specific about what projects you worked on and for whom. Highlight any trials you faced and how you overcame them. Tell readers which projects you’re most proud of and why. All in all, try to show potential clients your readiness to take on new challenges. 

3. Make it easier for potential clients to contact you

Some freelancers don’t how important it is to make your contact information more easily accessible. It’s extremely vital for your website’s visitors to immediately spot your e-mail address and other contact information. You can place your e-mail address on your website’s sidebar. Another idea is to have a visible “Contact Me” link on your navigation menu. On this page, you can include your e-mail address, phone number, and social media accounts. Put a sentence or two indicating your interest in working on new projects. 

4. Make your availability for hire known on your social media websites

Another way to make it easier for potential clients to reach you is by indicating on your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn pages that you’re always interested in new projects. However, be wary of putting something like “Hire me! Hire me! Hire me!” in your biography sections. Instead, put something like “I love working on new projects! If you have something you’d like to work on together, contact me here [e-mail address].

Though simple and straight-forward, tweaking these aspects of your website can give your freelance business transformative results. 

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