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Freelancing Stereotypes that are Actually True

Freelancers take on a variety of stereotypes and they are not just made up. These are true stereotypes that encompass most freelancers regardless of their industry. Some freelancers work better alone than in an office setting, which validates them being lonely. Most cannot afford health insurance due to the high costs of self-employed insurance rates. The life of a freelancer isn’t as glorious as many people think.


Similar to a world-class chef, freelancers take great pride in their work almost to the point of being arrogant and conceited in regards to their work. As a freelancer, taking pride in your work is important. You have to stand behind your work and show conviction in order to land the next big client.

Understand that there is nothing wrong with showing pride in your work. There are, however, appropriate and inappropriate ways to go about this. Always be courteous and do not overdo it with confidence to turn clients off to you.

Work in Pajamas

Many freelancers do work in their pajamas. This is a perk of working at home. Pajamas are comfortable and in order for a freelancer to make it through a long day, comfort is of the utmost importance. There is nothing wrong with working in whatever you choose. If you should have a video conference, make sure at least your top half looks professional.

There are no dress codes when you work for yourself from home.

Lonely Souls

Freelancers are typically lonely people. This is definitely true. Of course, many make hundreds of online acquaintances and sometimes you will become close with a few and develop friendships. This is not personal or social interaction. Some freelancers are introverts and prefer to be left alone. Others work too much to have social activities, even when they have spouses and children. This is one of the down sides of freelancing.

It is important to make time for social activities to prevent the lonely feelings from becoming overwhelming.

Great Time Management Skills

Traditional employees work a specific amount of hours per day. This is not usually the case for freelancers since they have to adjust their schedules to their clients’ needs. What this does is causes a freelancer to have better time management skills as some deadlines are very short and all deadlines are strict. When a client wants their project completed, that’s exactly what they mean, not the next day or a week after the initial deadline.

Impeccable time management skills are developed to make time for personal needs such as going out with friends, playing video games or even just cleaning the house. On top of managing a household, freelancers also have multiple clients, and sometimes a few are outside of their home country, with varying schedules. Ample time has to be given to every project and client.

Poor Health Insurance

As mentioned before, freelancers don’t often have health insurance. The cost is just far outside of their budget. Independent health insurance and those seeking self-employed health insurance see rates that average one and a half times more than traditionally employed persons. This is mostly due to the fact that freelancers are not always capable of negotiating rates with insurance agencies since there is no actual staff to provide good rates for.

As you can see, there are many ups and downs of freelancing. It is difficult, sometimes lonely and is almost always stressful. Freelancers don’t have time to get sick since their sick days are not paid for and the cost of medical care can cost an entire week’s salary. Freelancers work so much harder to maintain a household and balance a healthy lifestyle than those working for a company.


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