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Funny HR Stats to Help Your Job Search [Infographic]

Unprofessional email addresses or poor clothing choices will get you rejected. What else should you be careful for?Learn how to stand out the bad way.

Searching for a job is a tricky business. Competition is now so fierce that’s it’s almost too easy to get disqualified. To get a job, not only do you need to create the perfect resume but also follow certain ‘rules’ that will help you present yourself as the ideal candidate. So unless you are prepared to pay attention to the details, your chances of getting a job are very low.   

To help you out this infographic from Insider Hub presents some very funny stats about job hunting as well as the reasons why job candidates keep getting rejected. From the way you have written your resume to how you use your body language during a job interview, this infographic can tell you why you haven’t managed to secure a job just yet.

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Have a look through this infographic and find out what you should work on to improve your job hunting efforts. Any thoughts about this infographic, please leave let me know in the comments section below…

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