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STUDENT LIFE / SEP. 10, 2014
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How to Gain Exceptional Skills Having Pursued a Popular Degree

If there’s one serious problem that currently persists in job markets today, it’s the pursuit of popular degrees. Not that they are obsolete. It’s just that they’re everyone’s secret from a general perspective which means that once they hit the job market, then unemployment is bound to happen because of an oversupply of particular skills and competence. Well, there’s really nothing much we can do about that because most of us already made that mistake. And yes, me included...

But Here’s the Great Part

Having awoken to the fact that our skills weren’t necessarily special, some of us decided to use job market insight to establish a unique career role. And as a result, we’ve delved into career paths that have given us exceptional skills that are pretty much in high demand these days. 
Plus, it’s become the norm for people to pursue odd career paths. Considering the rising levels of structural unemployment, many are going back to the drawing board and pursuing short term vocational courses to make their reputation more versatile and respectable.

And that’s not all

Even as people pursue exceptional skills, the question that really bugs them is, can I really employ myself? Because you see, many popular degrees that are currently being pursued can’t necessarily lead to entrepreneurship unless an odd career option is presented on the table. And so even as exceptional skills are being attained, we’ve got to constantly remind ourselves that...

There is no ULTIMATE Degree Out There

Yes I know that higher education institutions sing about how a Bachelor of X, Masters in Y and PhD in Z will ensure that you’ll get employed. But as we all know, many higher education institutions are terrible at updating their courses, or even coming up with new ones to suit ever changing job market dynamics. So here’s the deal, you’re trying to make your initial degree relevant while at the same time using whatever’s within your disposal to gain exceptional skills. It therefore means that you’ll have to...

Avoid Excessive Formality

The only time when sticking to the rules is 100% rewarding is when you obey your parents as a toddler. Although that’s debatable. Anyhow, if you really, really, REALLY want to be as exceptional as the proverbial 1%, then forget what your parents, your lecturers or even your friends say. Basically, to be exceptional, you’ve got to be disobedient to the popular rules. Yes, I know this sounds like bad advice but hear me out first. The thing is, when you break the rules, you’re deemed to be disobedient and often frowned upon. But being hated shouldn’t be a reason per se for you to avoid making uncommon career decisions, as long as you...

Don’t Feel Bad For Having a Buffet of Skills, Competence and Exposure

The only foolproof way that I can recommend for guaranteed career success is to take advantage of your career imperfections. Stop feeling guilty because you betrayed your initial degree or people’s expectations. Many of us are stuck in job markets that simply pay people miserably despite their impressive career reputations. But impressive doesn’t necessarily mean exceptional because at times, a little goes a long way. And who knows, maybe a few vocational courses here and some odd jobs there might actually be perfect breeding grounds for your ultimate exceptional skills.

So what’s the Bottom line Really?

Exceptional skills are like gold, oil and diamonds. Sometimes, you’ve got to really dig deep beyond the superficial surface to realize exceptional results. Yes, your career path might seem to be this odd, rocky and dry terrain, but if you play your cards right, you’ll soon find out why precious minerals aren’t necessarily found in the most fertile of lands.

Majority are like farmers, following the common rules and scratching the surface to realize a decent harvest. But if you really want exceptional skills, you’ve got to pursue lengths that few could dare. It might mean multitasking several jobs, experimenting on several career paths or even moving to a different country altogether. As Kevin Hart once put it, "Sometimes, you’ve got to live a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t."

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