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Gender Pay Gap an Issue in the USA

Despite averaging better grades and higher graduates rates at university, females are earning less than their male counterparts upon landing employment after graduation. According to the American Association of University Women, on average, female college graduates earn 18% less than their male counterparts.

Sobering results

Despite taking into account various factors, such as university degree, occupation, hours worked and employment sector, the pay gap is still unaccounted for. For female graduates, the results of the report are extremely sobering, and suggest that gender discrimination remains prevalent in the USA.

Many women who have the same degree as their male counterparts are still being offered a lower salary upon gaining employment. For example research found that men and women with the same technical majors were still experiencing a pay gap discrepancy, citing gender as the only accountable reason for this.

Women are suffering as a result, as they are struggling to build their way up their career ladder at the same pace as males. Many concede that there is simply nothing they can do to account for the pay gap, and have to accept that gender inequality is an inherent part of American civilization.

Disagreement amongst many

However many professionals believe that the gap in pay cannot simply be put down to one’s gender. Although gender discrimination in the workplace inevitably exists, the gap in pay can be put down to various other factors, such as number of hours worked and type of degree attained.

In addition, women are statistically less likely to speak up, as they are more considered more restrained when it comes to negotiating and bargaining. Men with better assertiveness skills can better negotiate their pay from the beginning, and are less reluctant to ask for a pay rise as their time in the workplace progresses.

On the other hand if a company can get away with paying someone less, it will, regardless of gender.

Resolving the problem

Although an immediate solution to the issue is not evident, it is essential that women stand up for themselves when seeking employment. Do not settle for less than you believe to be acceptable, and if you are offered a lower wage, fight for a better one. Women have the same rights as men when it comes to the workplace, and they shouldn’t allow their gender to get in the way of their workplace success.



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