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Gender Unemployment Shift from Previous USA Recession Reflected in Current Job Interview Statistics

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FindEmployment survey shows two thirds of interview candidates are male


 The historical trend of females bearing the brunt of job losses was reversed for the first time in the recession of 2008, and with some experts predicting the United States is on the verge of confirming they are in yet another recession, statistics reveal that 70% of candidates now attending job interviews are men. The majority of candidates are aged between 20 and 30 years old, with almost half reporting they are not in any kind of employment.  A further 1 in 10 indicate they are employed in temporary positions highlighting job insecurity and increasing under-employment concerns.

Other findings are;

  • Over half (57%) of the job seekers surveyed have applied for up to 10 jobs in the past year
  • Over a quarter of respondents were aware that they were competing with at least 10 other candidates for the same role (26%)
  • Almost 1 in 4 job seekers report they received feedback from the interviewer but no job offer

The ECRI have predicted that the USA is already in recession, and that official data released at the end of the year will support their theory. Other respected economists are warning that the ‘fiscal cliff’ automatic spending cuts will also negatively impact the USA economy and compound recession fears.

 “Unemployment statistics peaked for men in the United States in 2010, and while it is still early to determine the exact reasons why men were affected more than women, there could be various contributory factors. For example the number of women graduating in the United States has surpassed men in the last few years, and certain industries that have traditionally attracted a lot of female recruits, such as healthcare and retail, are areas where job growth has been noted since the onset of the great recession”, said James Weaver, Director of FindEmployment. “It is difficult to witness the impact recession can have on anyone, so I would advise both men and women, to be open to the constant evolution of the job market and move past traditional gender occupation perceptions”, he continued, “Prepare to look at future employment opportunities in sectors you generally would not consider especially if these pessimistic expert predictions come to pass”.

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