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How to Generate Great Business Ideas When Working From Home

Generating business ideas takes a visionary perspective and a dogged determination to succeed throughout the idea generation process. This article will address several ways that you can generate business ideas when working from home as well as provide resources to assist in the process.

1. Identify the Issue

The first place to begin is to identify the issue and ascertain your goals. Clearly define what you are seeking to do. If you don’t establish an end goal, you will decrease your chances of success. Additionally, it is vital that you maintain a single-minded focus on the process of generating ideas. When you focus on the process, you must clear your mind of other thoughts and distractions. Focusing on any disruptions will only impede your progress. This process needs to become a routine for any time you want to generate business ideas.

2. Put in a Genuine Effort

During this process, you need to put in a genuine effort toward achieving your goals of generating great business ideas. The process will yield better results if you are more invested in the procedure. However, if you are trying to generating business ideas, then most likely you are clearly invested into the process. Taking the process seriously will help you to stay focused and achieve success.

3. Begin Brainstorming

The next step in the process is to begin brainstorming. When all distractions are removed, figure out the best scenario to get the creative juices flowing. Listening to a specific song or type of music may spark your creativity. Find what works best for you. Track your thoughts and ideas by writing them down on paper or typing them in a digital file. The brainstorming process is not where strategic planning happens. This is the time to simply focus on generating ideas. In the corporate world, many times management utilizes think tanks, teams or groups of employees to generate ideas. However, when working from home, you can get assistance from trusted mentors or complete the brainstorming session alone.

Resources for Generating Business Ideas

After you have completed the three step process of identifying goals, making a genuine effort and brainstorming, you should research your options. One factor entrepreneurs should remember is that those who are successful generally try business ideas that utilize skills they currently possess. The following list details resources for assistance in generating business ideas.

  • – has a listing of 45 business ideas that are perfect for stay at home moms. Some of the ideas are: blogger, bridal consultant and cake decorator.
  • – this list provides 50 different business ideas such as: opening an online store, app development, and providing social media/SEO services.   
  • – this website has a listing of 99 business ideas that are specific to women who want to work at home. Some of the ideas are: affiliate marketing, baby proofing consultant, birthday party planner and culinary consultant.
  • – some interesting ideas were provided by this home business website: indoor plant care, virtual assistant, garage organizer, green cleaning products distributor and house sitter.

Entrepreneurs who are seeking to generate great business ideas when working at home should first examine their goals and then brainstorm their options. The four online resources provided in this article will also assist in the idea generation process.


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