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How to Get a Degree by Doing Absolutely Nothing

Many people can say they earned a university degree, but not everyone can say that they actually learnt anything from it. These people are probably the ones who never borrowed a book from the library, did almost no work, and just chose to take student life pretty easy and just hope for the best.

But, some people are so good at slacking off that it’s like they are majoring in it. These people are so good at it that they still manage to pass their exams without even trying.

So, what if I told you that you can do the same and get away with it?

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If the only reason you went to university is to have fun, you too can learn how you can get a degree without putting too much effort in; and this is the proper way to go about it…

While there is no specific formula for doing absolutely nothing and earning a degree, you still need to make sure you are at least covering the basics of what a student is normally required to do.

#1 Get Someone to Do Your Assignments

So you have a big assignment coming up but you simply just can’t get your head around it. While a professional slacker would at least attempt to familiarise himself with the subject matter, someone who really knows what he is doing would ask a friend, member of their family or pay someone/ internet service to do it for them right away. This saves you the time and the effort you would normally need complete your assignment, but it is not necessarily a guarantee that you will succeed.

In fact, there are some risks involved in the task. Some professors might catch you, after realising that what you have produced isn’t your own work and then you might be facing serious disciplinary action such as academic probation or dismissal. But the chances are minimal.

#2 Get Someone to Attend the Class for You

Unless you have a doppelgänger or a twin brother and sister, you can’t just ask anyone to attend your 9 am class or deliver a presentation – and in case you are wondering this has actually happened. The best way to go about it is to ask a classmate to swipe into class for you or write your name down on the attendance list. While this is cheeky, it actually works if the other person agrees to play along.

However, you can’t expect that the same person will sit the exam for you. This means that you still have some responsibility for getting your degree and you certainly will need to prepare for the exams, and go there yourself. Well, what can I say; unfortunately things cannot always go your way.

#3 Spend Time With Your Classmates

coffee friends

You may not enjoy spending time with your classmates who seem to know more stuff than you, but you still have to hang out with them as these people are your fast ticket to getting a degree. Doing so will help you learn a thing or two about what you should be working on and as such get more information or advice on the assignments you should be working on - when of course you aren’t too busy going out. In simple terms, these guys will keep you up to date with whatever is going on in and outside the class even if all you are doing is attending parties.

#4 Befriend Your Professors

This shouldn’t be too hard for you, considering it follows the same process you went through as a high school student. Talking to your professors not only makes you more likeable but also shows that you are interested in their subject and you care about your academic development. In a way, it confirms that even if you don’t set foot in their classroom, you are at least trying your best and you want to get the most out of their class(very sneaky).

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While the student life sounds like fun, I better warn you about possible consequences. New reports have confirmed that it is now more risky to slack off at university – well at least for the first two years of your studies. According to The Telegraph, prospective employers are tracking down your academic performance through the GPA system that allows them to get a more detailed picture of your achievement as a student.

As such this could seriously hurt your chances of getting a job, which is normally the immediate step after you get a degree. In fact, Stephen Isherwood, chief executive of the Association of Graduate Recruiters said: “If a student sits around and waits [to achieve good grades] in their final year they are disadvantaged from an employers’ perspective.”

So, as it turns out there is an easy way to succeed at your studies, but, is it really worth it? This is a choice you will have to make so really the question goes out to you. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below…

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