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How to Get a Job in 30 Days

We all know finding a job can be tough. The economy, lack of work in your specific field or low pay can all make finding a job seem impossile. However with the right attitude and a few pointers there is a job out there for anyone who is willing to dig deep and find it. If your ready heres how you can get started.      


A good job means a good resume. In this age of digital socialization the odds are your resume will meet your boss before you do. Think of your resume as an electronic first impression. Will your potential future boss walk away thinking you’re a drunk illiterate or someone who is put together and ready for the job. One tip to remember; the previous work experience you list should be relevant to the job you are applying for. Try to make at least three different versions of your resume and pick the one which is most pertinent to the industry you’re applying to. Character references ore also essential to your resume. Former bosses and community leaders provide legitimacy to your claims as well as leaving a lasting impression. Former bosses, teachers, police officers, certain religious leaders, professionals and government officials can all help you make a lasting impression.

Despite these efforts, in the real world you won’t always have relevant work experience. This is the time to master the art of the cover letter. A cover letter should be no more than 200 words and demonstrate either your suitability for the job or any qualities you possess that make you potentially more suitable than everyone else. In this aspect it helps to get creative and think outside the box while always remaining professional. Lastly always try to hand in your resume in person as a personal connection almost always beats a paper one.  

Employment Services

Whether they are government run or community funded, employment services are available in most cities and towns across the country. Companies can often receive tax breaks by hiring from employment service so the incentive to hire is usually present and the potential of finding work can be quite high. If you have few employable skills but are genuinely ready to work an employment officer is there to help find the job that fits you. In addition many take into consideration any special needs you may have and can sometimes vouch for you once you’re in the system. However in many countries the high volume of people who use this service can render it slow if not entirely unhelpful.    


The old proverb it’s not what you know but who you know can be an apt description of life when job hunting. Knowing someone who is hiring allows you to jump a lot of barriers and can move your name to the top of the list when applying for more competitive jobs. Usually the easiest way to find a job this way is through family. Make sure that you’re immediate and extended family knows that you are looking for work and if possible bug them about it often. If your current family connections leave something to be desired then you’ll have to rely on your social ones. Neighbours, former bosses, and friends can all provide expedited pathways to employment. In this case it pays to be an exceptionally friendly and likable person.


The sad truth is, some locations are harder to find work in than others. If you have the resources, a willingness to relocate can be the fastest way to finding a steady job. While working internationally often takes more than a month to process all necessary paperwork if you have a passport one can often find work ‘under the table’ in a wide range of industries. Work in the service industry, English education, or agriculture is often available for those who seek it out. A less drastic option is moving to another province, county, or state (or country if you possess a coveted EU passport). This can drastically improve your chances of finding work. Particularly in areas which possess industry which are currently booming.  

Remember that the road to unemployment is full of unexpected twists and turns. Few people land a job in the exact position or even field that they intended. Be open and flexible to new opportunities and you’ll have a much easier and successful time. The most important thing to remember is to remain positive and optimistic about your chances. Maintain a presentable appearance and try to act like someone both you and your parents would want to work with. That should cover the social gamut. Lastly remember to be creative and think outside the box. Often times finding a job means competing with a host of others looking to do the same thing. Find creative ways to separate yourself and positively distinguish you from the pack. Good luck and happy hunting.

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