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How to Get A Work Visa in Brazil

More and more, Europeans are seeking employment outside of their home country. Whether you are looking to improve your current career status or are making the switch to a completely new profession, looking abroad to find work provides you with a wealth of lucrative opportunities. Brazil’s rich culture, buzzing atmosphere, and current opportunities make it a perfect choice for those interested in a more nomadic approach to their career; here are some helpful tips to help you secure a work visa in Brazil.

The Basics

To work in Brazil, you must either become a permanent resident or secure a legal work permit or visa. To begin the process, you must make sure you have in your possession valid legal identification paperwork such as a passport, birth certificate, etc. Making sure your paperwork is in order before applying for a visa can help the process progress rather smoothly.

Company Regulations

In order to work legally in Brazil, the company which you decide to work for must be registered as a legal business in Brazil. This means the company to which you are applying must adhere to Brazilian labour regulations and pay local and state taxes. If you are unsure whether your company is allowed to legally operate in Brazil, you can check with the National Registry of Legal Entities or CNPJ.

Applying for a Work Visa

In Brazil, you can apply for a work visa by having the hiring company send a work permit application to the Ministry of Labour & Employment. Once approved, the permit will be published in the Diario Oficial (Brazilian Legal Newspaper). Next, the approval paperwork will be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which will provide the necessary information to the Embassy for visa processing.

Different Types of Work Visas

There are many different types of work visas available. In order to ensure the process is expedited as quickly as possible, be sure to choose the right work visa for your specific needs. The most common types of work visas are Permanent, Permanent Investors, and Temporary. 

Permanent Visa

This work visa is legal for about five years and is most often granted to a company administrator or any other individuals who are responsible for the management of the company. The foreign based company for whom this administrator works must be prepared to invest €155,000 minimum inside Brazil. In order to obtain this type of visa, the company must pay the individual a salary which is no less than that he or she would be making in their home country.

Permanent Investors Visa

This type of visa is reserved for those looking to invest at least €115,000 in one or more Brazilian-based companies. This is the only work permit that can be secured without proving equivalent salary requirements. 

Temporary Visa

A temporary work visa is usually granted to those who intend on spend no longer than two years working in Brazil. These visas will be granted to those who are considered experts in their field or skilled workers. The individual must prove during the visa process that there is no Brazilian citizen who can better fill this company role. As a general note, be aware that The Ministry of Labour and Employment rigorously investigates this before allowing the visa process to continue. Just before the visa expires it can be renewed for an additional two year period, after the four years the individual can apply for a Permanent Work Visa.

Deciding to head out of your comfort zone for work may prove to be an enriching and profitable experience. Before you begin the process, be sure to verify all company information and check over your application before it is submitted for Ministry of Labour and Employment review. Brazil is a lively and beautiful country, be sure to take time to also enjoy the breathtaking sites, age-old traditions, and interesting customs during your stay.


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