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How to Get an Internship at Google

Due to Hollywood's spin, an internship at Google has been slightly misrepresented. I say slightly because Google most certainly isn't your average office. The fun, creative environment depicted is not far from the truth. 

If you're a student with bright ideas and immense passion, you may be able to land yourself an internship at Google. You will be able to explore your passions, and gain exposure to a whole new world. Whether you're studying engineering, or computer science; Google may have an incredible experience waiting for you. 

An Internship Unlike Any Other

Once you sink a position at Google, you will be enjoying numerous perks. Here are some of the best Google benefits.

  • Access to gyms and swimming pools. Can't swim well? No need to worry, there's lifeguards on duty.
  • You can play against your co-workers in all kinds of games. No need to bring a deck of cards to work. You can play foosball, ping-pong, or billiards. There are also video games for those who prefer a more visual experience.
  • You can get a hair-cut free of charge on site.
  • Do your weekend laundry, or dry clean your suit jacket on site.
  • It's hard to find many places of employment that give you 20% of your work week to pursue unrelated work projects. This means that Google allows their employees to take one day each week to work on side projects they have. These would be unrelated to your regular work week.
  • Paid Google housing, and transportation shuttles. There are also bikes on site for anyone to use. 
  • This isn't any internship, the average pay is approximately $5,600 for one month. 

These are just some of the perks that are offered within Google. The Google offices differ around the world. However, they all have advanced, creative features. Thinking creatively becomes easier with; hammocks, slides, fish tanks, and much more.  

Each office has it's own amazing features. The following images show the Zurich office:

 by Marcin Wichary, on Flickr

Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  Marcin Wichary  Office Spaces Unlike Any Other. 

Photo: Interholic   Relaxing the mind is great for productivity. 


Google Office in Zurich by andrewarchy, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic License  by  andrewarchy   Hanging out, working on ideas. 

How Do You Get a Google Internship?

I'm sure you'd love an internship, but how do you get one? It is not uncommon for Google to receive 40,000 applicants, when they're only accepting 1,500 interns. You need to be a full-time student in order to apply. More specifically, you need to be enrolled in a Bachelors or Masters degree program.

  • The first step involves preparing a few items. These will include; your CV, your transcript, and in some cases you will need to provide a cover letter, and an essay. Google is looking for experience, so make sure you include all the activities you're involved in (both in and outside of school).
  • After you apply, you will need to be patient. Several months generally pass between the application process and the interview process. Since there's different internships, the process varies. Typically there's two-three rounds of interviews involved.
  • If you reach the interview stage, make sure you unleash your passion in terms of problem solving. They will be looking for knowledge relating the internship position, as well as strong cognitive abilities. The interview process can last weeks, so make sure you're really representing yourself throughout each step. 
  • Internships generally return back to school after their three month commitment. However, if you get along well with follow co-workers, you may be offered position. Google employees have a large say in terms of their team. 
  • Start dates are fairly flexible, and begin all year round. Regardless of when you start, you'll need to commit to three months of full-time work. 

Different Internships

Depending on what you're studying, there are various internships to match your program. The following are some of the internships available through Google:

  • Global Business Internships: This internship focuses on aspects of the business world. You will have the opportunity to impact Google. This is for students outside of the U.S. If you're from the U.S, there's a specific internship for you. This is known at the BOLD program: The Building Opportunities for Leadership and Development. 
  • User Experience Internships: This involves design; improving products and creating new ones. 
  • Technical Internships: This is the technical aspect of products. You will create new products, and improve current products. 
  • Product Management Internships: This is all about product development.

There does not seem to be any negative aspects when it comes to Google. Previous interns have expressed what a great opportunity it was, and how it helped further their career. If you're interested in a spot at Google, apply today. 

Photo credit: Flickr

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