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How to Get an Internship with Mashable

Mashable has become one of the top content curating sites on the internet, rivaling Buzzfeed in terms of sheer content. Not only does it provide readers with fascinating articles on a wide range of topics, but it ensures that only the best quality content is posted.

While Mashable has a regular staff, the company is often on the prowl for interns to work in their offices--which are located in both New York and San Francisco. If you’re looking for a great job, you may want to consider joining Mashable as an intern.

Why Join Mashable?

One intern published an article after a 10-month internship at Mashable, talking about how great it is to work for the company. Here are some of the reasons he cited:

  • You get to write about awesome stuff. There’s no denying it, Mashable ALWAYS curates interesting content, and on all sorts of interesting subjects.
  • Mashable has a great community. With millions of people interacting on Mashable every day, there’s a lot you can learn on every topic.
  • Interns can meet interesting, creative, and like-minded people. Working with fellow writers can help you to develop your skills and expand your network.
  • Interns often end up working full-time at Mashable, or land other high-quality jobs thanks to the experience they got at Mashable.

As a bonus of sorts, Mashable offers interns a kitchen stocked with all sorts of goodies--including real food. For many graduates and students, food is a luxury that they can only afford in limited amounts. With a Mashable internship, you can eat a bit better as you work.

How to Get the Mashable Internship

There are a lot of people competing for the Mashable internship positions, as the company offers excellent benefits and positions once the internship is complete. To land the internship can be challenging, and you’ll need the right skills for the right job.

What sort of positions are available at Mashable? If you check their Job Openings page, you’ll find that a few positions are open, such as:

  • Product Analyst
  • Ad Yield Manager
  • Ad Campaign Specialist
  • Social Media Reporter

These are a few of the positions that may be open at the moment, but it’s likely that they will be filled fairly quickly. If you have experience in any of these fields, it’s essential that you send your application for the internships IMMEDIATELY.

The beauty of applying for these internships is that you can do it easily and quickly. Click on the Job Openings link above, and scroll through the positions to see if you fit any of them. Click on the link to the find out the details of the internship, including:

  • What your position will entail
  • The requirements for the position
  • Extra skills that increase your chances of landing the job

If you find that you’re a good match for the job, simply input your information, including name, email, location, phone number, and cover letter. You can also simply "Apply with LinkedIn", letting the business social media network fill out the pertinent information.

You’ll need to answer a few questions, such as:

  • How organized are you?
  • What do you find most interesting about Mashable?
  • What makes you unique?

Once you’re done filling out the questionnaire, click "Submit Application" and you’re in business!

The competition for these internship positions can be stiff, but if you’ve got the right skills and personality, and a bit of luck, then you have a good chance of landing that great job at Mashable!



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