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How to Get an Internship with Vogue Magazine

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Vogue magazine is one of those iconic publications that everyone has heard of, even if you’ve never flipped through its glossy pages. First published in 1892, it is now the most famous fashion magazine in the world.

A summer internship with the fashion behemoth is a dream for many hoping to break into the industry. It’s possible, but extremely competitive, and for every story of some student getting the chance of a lifetime and using the internship as a stepping stone to bigger and better things, there is someone else who describes their experience as horrific and a complete waste of time. The truth, as is often the case, is typically somewhere in the middle.

The Details

The Vogue internship runs from roughly mid-April until mid-August. Interns must be available for 4-5 days per week (and possibly more). During the internship, you can expect to work in the advertising, editorial, and/or corporate department. You’ll be running errands, assisting with office documentation, and (if you’re lucky) assisting with photo shoots and interviews...although most likely in a behind-the-scenes capacity.

That said, you will have the chance to meet celebrities, fashion icons, and fashion industry professionals. It’s the kind of exposure and opportunity that money rarely can buy. You’ll see how a magazine - the magazine, depending on whom you ask - is run. And Vogue arranges seminars, lectures, and workshops for the interns in the program. All in all, if you’re not afraid of a little hard work, you gain quite a bit of experience from it, and having the name Vogue on your resume - even if only as a summer intern - is nothing but an asset.

The How

Vogue is part of the Condé Nast publishing empire, and internships are sought via their website. You can check out the available internships - both paid and unpaid - for all their publications on their online career portal.

The internship process includes an application for an existing position, and a formal interview for those applicants short-listed for the position.

Make sure you clearly explain why you are the best applicant, how your qualifications (both experience and education) mesh with Vogue, and why you want to work there. Competition is fierce, and they want ambitious, driven, articulate, and organised individuals with a strong sense and appreciation for fashion.

In your cover letter, inquire as to the next step. Take the initiative. Ask explicitly for an interview.

The Interview

An internship interview is no different than any other. This is your chance to demonstrate your knowledge and proficiency. Research the magazine. Have a solid understanding of current fashion trends, recent Vogue articles and stories, and the major players at the magazine. Be ready to answer the typical interview questions, such as what you hope to get out of the internship, why you want to work at Vogue, and what you’ll bring to the publication. Prepare. Mastering the interview goes a long way towards successfully landing one of the coveted spots.

Follow up a few days after the interview. Don’t be pushy, but thank them for the opportunity and politely inquire whether they have made a decision yet. Reiterate your desire to work for the magazine. You’d be surprised how often a close contest between two applicants comes down to which one followed up and showed continued interest. Don’t lose out on your dream internship because you couldn’t be bothered.

Other Useful Links

It’s a tricky thing to land anything with Vogue. Full-time employment, temporary work, or internship. Everyone wants to be there. You need determination. You need tenacity. You need thick-skin and ambition. Find a position. Send in an application and cover letter. Nail the interview. If you pull it off, and land one of those magical spots, you will work hard. You will likely do some tasks you consider a waste of time and maybe even beneath you. But - and this is the reason the internships are so highly regarded - you will have worked for Vogue magazine. Your resume will include Vogue magazine. And that is worth fetching a few coffees and jumping through a few hoops.


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