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How to Get an Internship with YouTube

YouTube is a video-sharing website that attracts millions of users each day. Users can upload, share, and view videos worldwide. This site was created by three former PayPal employees in 2005, and was sold to Google in 2006.

Since YouTube is owned by Google, students may apply for an internship. If you're a creative, technically skilled individual, this internship may be right for you. 

What They're Looking For at YouTube

Working at YouTube would be quite similar to Google in terms of the environment. YouTube states, "We are a community of bright, inspiring and talented people who work in a relaxed but focused professional environment, with access to an amazing pool of computing resources and data that help us solve intellectually challenging and wide-ranging problems."

Some of the key skills they look for are:

  • Excellent coding skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Team-oriented individuals
  • Result-oriented individuals
  • Individuals that adapt well to various challenges
  • Proactive individuals, who are solution-oriented
  • Strong work ethic
  • Fun, creative individuals
  • Individuals that are flexible

Benefits at YouTube

Besides the amazing experience, YouTube offers a lot of the same great features that Google does. It's hard to beat Google's work environment, but YouTube offers some great benefits as well:

  • Free food in their state-of-the-art cafeteria
  • Access to pool and fitness area
  • Beautiful garden
  • You can bring your dog to work
  • Use of scooters

Scoring an Internship at YouTube

If you are interested in an internship at Youtube, there are some great internship videos available. If you would like to apply to be an intern at YouTube, you will actually need to apply through Google.

You will need to send your CV/resume and a cover letter for Google to review. Make sure you highlight all of your skills and achievements. Although YouTube will be looking for individuals that are technological, they'll also be looking for creative minds.

The ability to problem-solve is also a key skill that they look for. This will be a focal point within the interview process. Mention all of your relevant coursework, previous internships, job experience, volunteer programs, etc. You want to show them that you're a great fit.

To submit your CV/resume, you can go to Google's internship page. There you will find all available internships; you can then apply to your desired position. This is what you can expect from the application process.

Interview Process

The first round of interviews will generally be done over the phone. You need to take this phone call just as seriously as a face-to-face interview. If they do not believe you're a strong fit after that phone call, you may not get the opportunity to meet in person.

Positions vary, but the on-site interview will focus on your skills associated with that position. If you are applying for an internship in software engineering for example, they will look for; coding skills, algorithm development, design ability, thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and the way you process data.

Problem-solving will be a core focus, so make sure you're prepared. They not only want to hear your solution to the problem, but how you arrived at that solution. Remember, they're looking for creative minds.

Throughout this process, you can expect to speak with at least four different people. These individuals will range from management, to potential colleagues.

You may watch over two dozen YouTube videos a day, but think about being involved in the whole process. You may be a great fit for a YouTube internship, which would be an incredible experience. Check out what internships are available today. Apply! Your creative mind may take you places you never dreamt of. 


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