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JOB SEARCH / JUL. 24, 2013
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How to Get an IT job

Finding a job can be a complicated and tiring process that takes a great deal of time. If you are looking for a job in a specific industry, such as the IT sector, it is important to know where to look and how to improve your chances of being hired.

Where to look

At present there are around 34,000 jobs available in the UK in the IT sector. Approximately one third of those jobs are never advertised, so it is important to know exactly where to look to find your dream career.

Recruitment agencies

Contact as many IT specific recruitment agencies as possible to gain access to a wide range of available vacancies. Many recruitment agencies also support local training schemes. Keep a regular rapport with those agencies and be sure to contact them on a regular basis for the latest available vacancies.

The internet

The internet is by far one of the most useful places to find IT vacancies. Sign up to specialist IT recruitment websites, which feature thousands of vacancies around the country at a range of salary levels. Also search on government specific websites for information regarding public sector IT jobs.

Personal and professional contacts

Having an extensive list of personal and professional contacts to hand will work wonders when looking for employment. Be sure to inform everyone that you know that you are looking for an IT job and maintain regular contact with those currently working in the industry. 

Speculative applications


Have a specific company in mind that you aspire to work for? Send them a speculative application. A speculative application is a job application that is sent to a company, even though they are not advertising any available roles. Explain why you want to work for that company in particular and demonstrate how your skills, experience and attitude towards your work match the company’s culture and values. 

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