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How to Get Back Into the Swing of Things After Christmas

So it’s Christmas time again, a time to rest and pig out on all kinds of devilish food and drink. You have enjoyed a wonderful, restful break away from the stresses and strains of daily life and spent Christmas with your loved ones. But when Christmas is over, you have to get back into your daily routine – meaning the dreaded first day back at work...

Though you may be feeling a little more sluggish than usual after returning from your well-earned rest; there are plenty of ways to combat the tiredness and get back into your old routine. Below are some tips on taking the January Blues by the horns!

Try to get up early a few days before

I know this sounds like an absolutely horrible idea and you probably want to hit me just for suggesting it, but there is method behind my madness. Practicing getting up early again can work wonders when it comes to the real thing. For those of us who aren’t particularly early birds (myself included), getting up early one or two mornings beforehand can help your body clock to better adapt itself, so that when the alarm goes off on your first day back, you won’t feel like you have been hit across the head by a ton of bricks... Or in some cases throwing that alarm clock at the wall only to realize that it is actually your shiny new smart phone (woops).

Start as soon as you enter the office

It can be easy to dawdle on your first morning back, lingering at the water cooler a little longer than usual, or catching up with your favorite colleague, but starting your work as soon as you get to your desk can make the whole experience a little less daunting. This also means that you are far more likely to get something done, helping you to get back into the work frame of mind much sooner.  Although you may be guilty of timewasting most days and pretty much everyone is; you should try not to dawdle just to get your head back in the game.                                                                                                                                                          

Work through your responsibilities one step at a time

Try not to balance all of your tasks in one go. Instead, take one of your most pressing responsibilities first thing in the morning, so that it is not looming as the day progresses. Also, multitasking on your first day back is a recipe for disaster. Not only will you be more relaxed, but you will probably be feeling more tired than usual as a result of being more rested and less used to a full day’s work. And as they would say in South Park ‘If you multitask while feeling tired you’re going to have a bad time’.

Don’t overload yourself after work

I would say that this is advice that people should follow everyday and lots of people do. However, it is even more important after a holiday. Try to take a few days to rest your body and mind after finishing work. Going back to work can be quite tiring after a long break, so you should make sure you have a peaceful, quiet home to return to, where you can soak in a hot bath, put your feet up and chill out before another day in the office.

Really what I am getting at in this article is that you need to give your body time to get used to work again after the holidays. We may have had lots of fun during the holidays but our bodies may not thank us once we get back to work. Getting our bodies used to work gradually is a great idea and also a great excuse for doing less work.

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