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WORKPLACE / JUL. 09, 2014
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How to Get Better Work Performance from All your Employees

It’s the dream of every boss that all employees get things done with speed and efficiency. For this to happen, there should be no pertinent workplace issues acting as motivational impediments to an employee’s hard work. But as we all know, employees don’t really share the same attitudes and opinions when it comes to their workplaces. While some are content with their current situations, others are disgruntled about issues such as poor work conditions, poor pay, mistreatment by their supervisors and so forth. Despite the fact that you can’t solve all these challenges, you want to do whatever’s within your power to ensure that all employees give their best irrespective of their positive or negative attitudes. Which begs the question, how does one get better work performance from all employees?

#1 Avoid Giving Preferential Treatment 

When some employees get preferential treatment from the boss, then eyebrows within staff quarters will definitely be raised. For example, when an employee commits an error, he/she should be punished as per the recommendations of company policy irrespective of one’s position within the company. Understandably, some prime employees may be pardoned for having earned admiration amongst employees and superiors through hard work. However, there are spoilt employees that will always get away with anything simply because of family ties or sexual escapades with their superiors. Then there are the snitches who are always more than glad to betray their peers or it may simply be a friendship between the boss and an employee. Such subliminal rewarding of laziness and indiscipline will definitely make employees question their motive and determination to work hard in the first place.

#2 Be Open to Constructive Criticism, Opinions and Ideas

Being a boss doesn’t necessarily mean that you play God. Unfortunately, many bosses prefer it that way especially if they have some anger management issues. First and foremost, being human entitles you to imperfections and you’ll find yourself committing errors once in a while without intention. Acceptance of criticism from employees will definitely encourage them to instill excellence into their hard work. Consequently, they’ll always be glad to give sound opinions and suggest meaningful ideas meant to foster better performance for the company.

#3 Be Social, Accessible and Approachable

Besides acceptance of opinions and ideas, the reaction you generate on your part will determine the motivation with which employees approach you in future. Being antisocial will definitely make employees reluctant and thus viable ideas and opinions will simply disappear. In addition, the emotional and psychological aspect counts. Being a grumpy pessimist will definitely make you unapproachable and it will act as an automatic repellant to employees. Then again, your accessibility to employees should be simple, convenient and devoid of unnecessary protocol.

#4 Be Fair and Unbiased in Assignment of Tasks and Conflict Resolution

Every employee must have signed a contract which indicated their roles within the company. Such details should be in your fingertips since you might mistakenly give tasks to the wrong employees. For instance, you might overwhelm an incompetent employee with difficult tasks as the competent have an easy time with convenient tasks. Then there is the issue of solving conflicts within the workplace. The bigger your workforce, the higher the probability of such occurrences. You should be fair and unbiased especially when considering stories behind both sides of a conflict. Ultimately, it’s up to you to lay the ground rules when it comes to the protocol employees should follow in case conflicts arise.

#5 Be Honest, Accountable and Integral to Avoid Hidden Agendas and Covert Malpractices

There is no way employees will sit pretty while the boss is obviously and deliberately corrupt especially if they’re aware of gaping loopholes within the company. Moreover, what’s the need of struggling to be an integral employee while the boss conveniently commits corrupt malpractices. In fact, corruption becomes the perfect breeding ground for hidden agendas as employees plot on ways to bring you down. It’s therefore important to be honest, accountable and integral particularly with sensitive matters such as company finances, promotions, staff cuts and so forth. Otherwise, employees will busy themselves plotting conniving moves instead of focusing their thought process on hard work.

#6 Lead By Example to Get Things Done as Required

Ultimately, actions speak louder than words and a leader who leads by example is likely to be followed. Because as long as your employees follow company policy better than you, then they’ll always polish up their excuses to sound viable and justifiable. But as long as you’re ahead of the pack, then even the justifiable excuses will be nullified. Plus, employees will always look up to you as a source of strength even in tough business times.

#7 Foster Employee Prestige through the Mission and Vision of the Company

Humanity is addicted to progress and no leader will be loved if he/she doesn’t give the people a sense of pride and purposeful direction. Similarly, employees who are clueless about the mission and vision of the company will keep doing their jobs to just make ends meet. However, giving purpose to their efforts makes them realize that their loyalty and hard work is not in vain. In addition, it nurtures the pride within them even as they represent the company’s image with prestige during their daily social interactions. In the end, if an employee isn’t proud of the ideals of the company, then he/she won’t have the prerequisite motivation necessary for excellence and hard work within a company.

As a boss, some employees may have unrealistic expectations about you. For instance, many will expect a sort of ’Godly intervention’ from you to make all challenges go away while some will still hate you irrespective of your fair and just leadership. This goes to show that getting better work performance through sound leadership doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will love you. However, it will serve as a concrete gesture that all employees should respect your intentions irrespective of their personal attitudes and opinions towards you.

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