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Get On Board with e-Recruiting: It's the Only Way Forward!


This article is brought to you by eRecruit Solutions - one of the UK’s leading online recruiters offering businesses affordable job advertising packages and ensuring the right candidates are matched with the correct positions each and every time.

In this digital age, the world of recruiting has undergone many changes and technology has shaped the way businesses search for new talent and jobseekers look for jobs. As far as it concerns finding the right candidate, employers should learn where the best place to look for new employees is. Taking into account the increasing popularity of social media, recruitment agencies and professional networks, it is not difficult to predict that the future of recruiting now lies in e-recruitment.

What is e-recruitment?

E-recruitment, otherwise known as ‘online recruitment’ is the method of finding, attracting, assessing and hiring new personnel using the internet. Essentially, this translates to businesses advertising their vacancies on job sites, job boards, corporate sites and social media platforms in order to get a large number of responses and increase quality hires.

Benefits of e-recruitment

While job searching and recruiting the right candidates requires multiple approaches, the most efficient is indeed online recruitment. Here are some of the reasons why businesses should adopt the online recruitment method over conventional recruitment.

#1 Cost effectiveness

Finding new hires usually requires a significant budget. When recruiting, business costs are associated with the amount of time recruiters spend assessing potential candidates as well as recruitment advertising e.g. design and print costs. Instead of paying huge fees to advertise vacancies in a newspaper or industry journal, you can do it online with fewer costs and more space available for you to sell your organisation to jobseekers.

Considering the fact that traditional recruitment agencies could charge up to 20% of a new employee’s annual salary, e-recruitment is much more cost-effective and you can reduce business costs by 60% by working with companies such as eRecruit Solutions.

#2 Time efficient

E-recruitment does not only save businesses money but it also saves them valuable time. The reason this method offers faster hiring is that it automates much of the recruitment process. Vacancies that are posted online can go viral within just minutes, allowing candidates to respond quickly to the job advert. This also allows employers to select and hire people within just 48 hours when they are in need of someone to fill a position immediately.

#3 Larger pool of talent

Since the vast majority of jobseekers are currently making use of electronic resources to find a job, businesses should also take full advantage of this. E-recruiting can help businesses connect with more candidates in the job market who are either considered to be active or passive jobseekers. In this way online recruitment provides both quantity and quality of hires.

Unlike e-recruitment, traditional recruiting is time-consuming, has high costs and doesn’t offer a large geographic reach. In order for a business to be successful, it needs to be up-to-date with current recruiting standards and trends and integrate effective recruitment systems into their day to day practises. So if your company is not already using e-recruitment, then now is the time to start.

If you are looking to reduce your recruitment costs without compromising on quality, effectiveness or the end result, utilise eRecruit Solutions to save time and benefit from almost immediate results.

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