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How to Get Over Freelance Blogging Anxiety

Freelance writers often wonder how they are going to pay the bills and keep a roof over their heads. Without steady projects, it is difficult. This is when it is time to broaden your horizons and take the plunge. When you’re writing blog posts for someone else, treat them the same as any other article. When writing for your own blog, write about what you know or what interests you.  The tips below will help you go get over freelance blogging anxiety.

Dive in and Accept a Client Blog Request

Many clients request blog posts and not general website content. The good thing about blog posts is that most are informal and carry a conversational tone. It is difficult when you’re a content producer and not exactly a blogger, but you are still up for the challenge.

Retrain your brain and remind yourself that you can absolutely write anything under the sun.  Take on a single blog post request and have the confidence that you will knock it out of the park.

Be more Social

The more social you are outside of the home, the easier it is to write in a tone that is engaging for blog followers. The social exposure also aids in providing an atmosphere where you can just sit and people watch if you wish.

Active bodies are often more creative and have a better understanding of what society wants to read. You won’t feel so closed off from the world, wondering which path to turn in. Increased social activity helps freelance writers come out of their shell and also helps them find the confidence to take on blogging.

Advertise to Bloggers within your Personal Interests

As a freelance writer, you have to promote yourself. Of course, every writer has a specific niche, but in order to be truly successful, you have to be able to take on projects outside of your comfort level from time to time. Writing a different style post (blog post), is far easier than you think it is. Obtain an idea, create a story in your mind and put it into words in an informal and conversational tone.

Create a Blog Based Upon your Interests

If you don’t think you are ready for writing blog posts for others, start one of your own. Base the blog around a topic that you are interested in. The idea of a blog is to create a group of followers that have the same interest. The content on the blog should be relevant to that theme and should provide thoughts from yourself as well as providing valuable information for your readers. Share your personal blog posts on social media to gain more followers.

Write a Piece about your Anxiety

Whether you choose to publish the article on your own blog or just keep it to yourself, write a blog about your blogger’s anxiety. This may just help you understand where your fears come from and will help you to get over the anxiety as you’ll understand the triggers now. Discuss why you have blogger’s anxiety and how it holds you back from being more successful as a writer. Read it aloud and ponder a bit upon your own writings to improve your client base to include bloggers.

Jumping in feet first is one of the best ways to get over blogging anxiety as a freelance writer. Of course you are going to feel a touch of nervousness, but it doesn’t have to hold you back from creating a great piece. Blogging audiences like to be able to relate to the topic and/or the writer. Become determined and make the blog post happen. 

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