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How to Get Professional Training as a Translator in the UK

There are several avenues with which an individual can receive professional training as a translator in the UK. This article will address the process and provide various online resources which are available for those individuals who are interested in becoming a translator in the UK.

Training Avenues for Translators 

Individuals interested in receiving professional training as a translator in the UK can review the listing below to ascertain which of the following avenues are the best fit for their current professional career situation.

1. Get Educated in the UK

The University of Westminster offers a postgraduate teaching course for individuals who seek to obtain further training as a professional translator in the UK. The Diploma in Translation (DipTrans) course is considered the oldest professional qualification training and is extensively acknowledged by employers located in the UK and globally. This course has been prepared for current translator professionals or those who are seeking to enter this profession. An admissions exam is required for all candidates before being permitted to enter the course. The next term begins on April 27, 2015.

2. Online Education Courses offers individuals interested in becoming translators the opportunity to develop their translation skills or to improve in their current jobs. has been in operation for over 15 years. Learning through this online avenue is a viable opportunity for any individuals who may still be working a current job and are not able to attend regular university classes. The organization is managed by professionals in the field and there are well-informed tutors as well as one-on-one direction available. Students are able to practise their newly learned translation skills in a professional context online. By participating in these online training courses, students are prepared for the Chartered Institute of Linguists Diploma in Translation (DipTrans), as mentioned in step #1. The institute is a distinguished UK-based professional organisation for translators. The main goal of the institute is develop and support the value of languages and pertinent skills to the betterment of public interest. Accredited qualifications are also provided by the Institute through the IoL Educational Trust.  

3. Membership with ITI

The UK has only one association which is specifically dedicated solely to professional translators and interpreters. This organisation, The Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI) has over 3000 members who specialize in over 100 languages and various global dialects. They have strict membership admission criteria because they offer a directory listing of qualified professionals through their website. The association has existed for over 26 years and they offer effective representation and support to professional translators and interpreters in the UK. Members are listed in the directory which is a resource to the UK Government, businesses and various organisations to assist with their translation needs. Member benefits include the following:

  • Professional support for translators and interpreters
  • Developmental opportunities are available to improve in their profession
  • Members receive a copy of their magazine, the ITI Bulletin offering industry news and advice, as well as translator jobs available in the UK

ITI offers professional development online courses and training events where recent graduates or new translator professionals can receive assistance in learning. To find out more information, visit ITI Online Courses. Individuals with limited experience are encouraged to take these courses and one specific topic they offer is Setting Up as a Freelance Translator. Trainees will have direct access to the knowledge and training by eight professional and practising translators who have successfully launched their own freelance careers. Those participating in the program will receive over 20 hours of training webinars as well as individual sessions. Through this course, trainees will obtain valuable information on how to transition in to a freelance business, as well as the operating basics of the translation market.

Getting professional training as a translator in the UK begins with obtaining an education through a University like the University of Westminster or receiving online training through a resource like Additionally, it is important to obtain membership with an organization like the Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI) or the Chartered Institute of Linguists.

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