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How to Get Started on Google Plus

You might have a Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook account for your company -- but if you’re not using Google Plus, you’re missing out on a surge of traffic.

There are benefits to using Google Plus for your business. Google loves Google; therefore, it only makes sense to use Google Plus when promoting your company. If a potential customer uses Google to search for a particular service or product, Google will scan its own websites first. And if you’re active on Google Plus, this increases your websites ranking.

Since Google Plus currently has about 300 million active users, using this social platform is an excellent way to connect with other professionals and expand your reach. But if you don’t know much about Google Plus, you may wonder how to get started. Fortunately, it’s much easier than you may think.

1. Sign Up for a Gmail Account

If you haven’t already, create a Gmail account. This is Google’s email option. A Gmail account is required before getting started with Google Plus. Go to and spend a few minutes creating your free account.

2. Visit the Google Plus Business Page Website

From the Google Plus Business Page, you can create a page for your business. Sign into your Gmail account before visiting this page. Once you’ve arrived, select your type of business, such as a website or storefront. Provide the address and telephone number for your business. Also, you’ll be prompted to locate your business on a map to give potential visitors an idea of your location.

3. Complete the "About" Section

You shouldn’t only provide your telephone number and address, you should also tell customers a little about yourself or company. In your “About" section, you’ll find space to tell your story. Think of this section as the introduction or welcome letter for your business, or the backstory of your company. You can discuss products and services you offer, your mission statement, history, and links to your other social media accounts, such as a blog, Facebook or Twitter.

4. Add Images to Your Google Plus Page

When setting up your Google Plus page, don’t forget to add images. You can use your company logo as the cover photo for your page. Or consider other options, such as a picture of your actual building, a picture of your team, or another relevant picture. Ideally, you need to choose images that properly reflect your brand and helps customers quickly identify your company.

5. Connect with Other People

Google Plus is like Facebook for companies. After you set up your account and complete your “About” section, start connecting with other users. If using Google Plus primarily for business purposes, you can connect with people who might benefit from the information you share, such as other business owners or those who might become potential clients.

6. Start Posting

For Google Plus to work and help promote your company, you have to post regularly. Each time you create a new blog post for your website, include a link of this post on your Google Plus page. Also, if you read an interesting news article related to your product or service, share this link on your Google Plus page.

Bottom Line

You might not know much about Google Plus, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use this social media platform. Google Plus can be effective if your company relies heavily on web traffic, or if you want to increase visitors to your site. The more links you include on Google Plus, the better your site will rank on the search engine.

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