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How To Get The Job You Want [infographic]

It probably goes without saying that there is no real shortage of advice out there on securing your dream job, not least on this particular website.  A recent infographic from the folks at CashNetUSA suggests that your success or failure rests on two things.  Do those two things well and your search is likely to be a success.  Do them badly and you’ll be staying at Heartbreak Hotel.

So what are they?

  1. Build a winning CV
  2. Get the interview spot on

Build a winning CV

The graphic provides a number of hints on how you can craft the perfect resume.  For instance, they suggest that you should include a clear and distinct headline, which will act as your elevator pitch.

You should also include a collection of key skills that will distinguish you from the competition.  Their four key CV tips are:

  1. Make it attention grabbing, as the hiring manager is likely to spend just seconds on each CV before moving on to the next.
  2. Choose a style for your CV that reflects well you and your style of work.
  3. Take advantage of keywords, because most companies these days are using software that will filter resumes based upon predefined keywords, so think what the company is looking for and make sure your CV has those keywords in.
  4. Keep your CV short, because the recruiter is likely to have hundreds to wade through, so the quicker you can get your message across, the better.

Get the interview spot on

The second key part of your success plan is to ensure the interview goes as smoothly as possible.  The graphic reveals that a surprising 69 percent of recruiters prefer soft skills to hard ones.  These include traits such as being a good listener or great at problem solving.  They outline the top five most valuable soft skills in the marketplace as:

  1. Reliability - 65 percent of employers place dependability as their key soft skills, which is not surprising as you want to hire someone you can rely on 100%.  So you should use the interview to prove to the employer how reliable you are.
  2. Motivation - Next up is motivation, with 47 percent of employers highlighting the importance of this.  Employers are craving staff who are self-motivated to succeed, and are driven by the desire to do a great job, not to get a paycheque.
  3. Communication - 41 percent of employers wanted great communication skills from their staff.  This is especially so in our social age, so call attention to any work you’ve done in the past that required things such as collaboration.
  4. Initiative - Being a self starter is something you often see in job adverts, and 39 percent of employers revealed this as a key trait.  During the interview you can emphasise this by showing how your enthusiasm and drive have helped you achieve things, whether in your work or personal life.
  5. Commitment - The final soft skill in the top five is commitment.  It should go without saying that the employer wants you to be commited to them, so make sure you mention at the interview how important you find team work and do plenty of research on the company at hand.

What do you think of the tips?  Have you used any in your own job searches in the past?

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