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WORKPLACE / JUL. 15, 2013
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How to Get the Most from Your Staff

With cost cutting and tighter budgets are suffocating many businesses, it has become somewhat impossible to find staff who are willing to work hard, for less. In a climate where low outgoings and high income is necessary to survive, companies are taking to recruiting less experienced professionals in a bid to pay less out.

But does this need to be the case? Why not introduce a new system whereby you get the most from your staff by giving them more back in return without having to pay them more! This could potentially attract more experienced recruits to the role, thereby reducing your need to hire inexperienced staff.

Check out some of these useful ways of getting maximum results from your staff:

#1 Offer attractive vacation entitlement

#2 Give Christmas bonuses for those on lower salaries

#3 Offer free gym membership

#4 Provide free refreshments on site, such as tea, coffee, biscuits etc

#5 Give away vouchers and gift cards to those who meet targets and deadlines

#6 Allow employees to use their iPods provided it doesn’t affect their productivity

#7 Give employees regular breaks to rejuvenate and relax from the pressure of work

#8 Provide an onsite crèche for employees with young children

#9 Allow company parties and events

#10 Allow employees to work from home (thereby reducing your overhead costs and attracting experienced recruits who may favor working from home)

This list is in no way conclusive, nor does it guarantee that by offering these benefits, you will automatically receive applications from experienced individuals. However, these benefits will definitely show your company in a more favorable light for prospective employees and will help you to compete against companies you can offer employees higher paid salaries.



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