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How to get Verified as a Recruiter on Twitter

As a recruiter, it is your duty to be as active as you can on social media sites, online job forums and job boards, and any other outlet that will assist you in sourcing top quality candidates for available job vacancies. As such, it can become difficult to maintain a professional image and competitive advantage over the rest, especially when other recruiters adopt your recruiting strategies, branding ideas and in some cases try to emulate your recruitment company as their own! Job scams are all too frequent in today’s marketplace, and as such it has become vital to protect your business and your clients in any way that you can.

One of the most effective means of showing your clients and job seekers that you are a genuine and credible recruitment company is to protect your Twitter account through seeking verification by Twitter.

Here is a guide on Twitter account verification:

Advantages of getting your account verified as a recruiter:

  • Your fans, job seekers and clients will know that the Twitter account they are following is the genuine account for your recruitment company
  • You can deter the risk of others impersonating your business and getting away with it
  • You appear more establish and professional as a recruiter with the blue verification tick from Twitter

What does being ‘verified’ mean?

When Twitter verifies your Twitter account you will receive a blue tick symbol that is immediately recognizable on the network as a ‘verified account’.  Once you are verified you will keep the verification status unless your account name changes or your business dissolves.

Do you qualify for account verification?

Accounts that are verifiable usually fall into one of the following brackets; music, acting/film, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, business, advertising, media and people of interest to the general public. Essentially, if your account is likely to be impersonated, it is probable that twitter will verify you.

Factors to consider

  • The number of followers you have will not affect your chances for verification
  • Your account must be of key interest to the public
  • There should be a risk of others impersonating you


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