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How to Get your Job Post Noticed on Twitter

Your job post needs exposure in order to get as many credible job applications as possible, and one of the best ways of gaining exposure is through the social media platform Twitter. Without a Twitter account, you will find it very difficult to reach wide target audiences and you will also lose out on cost effective advertising opportunities.

Advantages of recruiting with the use of Twitter:

  • Its FREE!
  • You can target your posts to appeal to specific groups
  • You can generate much more interest for your job by using the popular social media platform
  • You can monitor the popularity of the post far easier than if you posted the job in a newspaper for example

View our guide below on how to get your job post noticed on Twitter.

Get a retweet! A retweet is where another follower posts your job post onto their own profile so that all of their own followers can view it. This is a very effective method of getting your job post noticed by many more followers than what you currently have on your own Twitter account.

Be ‘in your face’! As a recruiter in a competitive marketplace, you have to be forceful in your advertising approach and tweet about the job and company in the best possible light, during the busiest Twitter periods. Your aim is to get your post noticed and therefore the times at which you tweet become vitals. You can also tweet your own followers asking them to retweet your post for added impact.

Tweet Links. Within your tweets you should include the link to the full job description so that followers can get a good idea about what the role involves. Twitter restricts you to a 140 character limit and so it becomes very difficult to explain about a job vacancy properly.  

Hashtag! You can target your job post by using the hashtag trick, which effectively enables you to have your post ‘searchable’ when specific keywords re entered into Twitter. The hashtag effect also enables you to keep track of the job posts you tweet and will help others to find your posts.

Use the ‘@’ symbol. By placing the @ symbol in front of someone’s name, your post will appear in their Twitter feed, thereby catching their attention. If you have influential followers or individuals who are perfectly matched to the job, then tweet the job and include the ‘@+name’ trick to guarantee they see your job post.

Tweet Twitter! If you struggle to get your job post retweeted, you can always tweet twitter – this is a great way of ensuring your post is retweeted. Just make sure that your tweet is not self promoting, offensive or in any way contrary to Twitter’s terms of use.

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