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How to Get Your Job Post Retweeted

Getting your job vacancy out there is vital to attract the best applicants, and advertising your post in the most low cost method possible is a feature that most recruiters strive for, especially in touch economic climates!

 Luckily, Twitter has enabled recruiters to not only advertise their job vacancies for FREE, but to also target specific groups of online users through effective strategies such as hash tags. As one of the most effective mediums to use, Twitter has developed a huge recruiter following with many employers turning to Twitter to post their vacancies and reach a wider pool of online talent.

A key trick to getting your job post noticed it to have it ‘retweeted’. A retweet is where your tweet is re-posted by followers onto their own profiles, making the post viewable to their followers. The main benefit of gaining a retweet is that you can reach a far greater audience and gain an enhanced brand image through ongoing online promotion.

Top tips on how to get your job post retweeted!


Be forceful in your advertising approach and ask for a retweet; many of your followers will oblige, especially if you ask nicely!

# Hashtags

Make full use of the hash tag technique as this allows you to keep track of the job posts you tweet and will also help others to find your posts. Be sure to brand your job posting using the hash tag technique so that you make it easier for others to find your job post in related searches.  

Tweet Links

Tweet your links to the job description as this will encourage others to retweet your post. Tweets that simply describe the job description will bore followers and many will not retweet as they don’t want long tweets cluttering up their newsfeed. The trick is to keep it brief!

Tweet Twitter

One of the most effective ways of getting your post retweeted is to tweet about Twitter! It is important however that you do not make it too ‘self promoting’ and refrain from spamming Twitter with your posts. You want to be noticed for the right thing, not for being a job post spammer!

Be Unique and engaging

A tweet will be retweeted if it is engaging, funny, interesting or has some sort of unique and useful content to users. The more attractive your tweet is, the more likely it is to be retweeted!


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